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Beverly is designed for dissolved oxygen measurement in at-line and laboratory use in small and midsize breweries as well as in the beverage industry to provide excellent reliability in a rugged design, and purpose built to handle the environmental extremes encountered in everyday brewing operations. Superior performance at an affordable price is achieved using Hamilton’s best in class optical sensor VisiFerm DO with built-in intelligence, making Beverly the brewer’s best friend. Benefits X Efficiency and serviceability of optical DO measurement X Built to endure IP 67 watertight standards X Robust, hygienic design X Stamina for 50 hours of continuous operation X Fast response time down to ppb level X Calibration without removing the sensor

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Beverly can be used as shown in the pictures. Measure DO during or after filtration Check DO of bright beer tank prior to bottling drain Ordering Information Technical Specifications Description Value Accuracy at 25°C 40 +/- 7 ppb (temperature dependent) Measurement Principle Oxygen dependent luminescence quenching Protection Classification IP 67 Operating Temperature 0 - 80 °C (media) © 2015 Hamilton Company. All rights reserved. [REFl 691132/02 - |wf] 05/2015 HAMILTON Web: usa: 800-648-5950 Europe: +41-58-610-10-10 Hamilton Americas & Pacific Rim 4970 Energy Way...

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