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Process Analytics Measuring Solutions

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At Hamilton Process Analytics we pioneer open sensing solutions to enhance the understanding and control of critical process parameters. Customer collaboration drives our vision for excellence in measurement technology that works seamlessly with the infrastructure of today and the possibilities of tomorrow. Process Analytics Measuring Solutions HAMILTON THE MEASURE OF EXCELLENCE®

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Table of Contents ArcAir App See more on page 4 Cell Density See more on page 65

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Highlights EXCELLENCE IS Intuitive Sensor Management SINGLE USE OneFerm pH Family The New ArcAir App: One Tool for Sensor Management and Documentation High performance electrochemical pH measurement also for single use application The Hamilton OneFerm pH sensor is a single use glass electrode for pH measurement. It retains the high accuracy performance of a glass electrode after gamma irradiation and dry storage. It is delivered as an integrated part of a single use container to provide ease of use. The OneFerm pH sensor is available to integrators such as bag-, bioreactor- or downstream...

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VisiFerm DO and VisiPro DO Family Transmitter H220X Transmitter series for Memosens and analog sensors Family structure now also for VisiPro DO available Cell Density Viable and Total Cell Density Monitoring Biological processes are increasingly important in biotechnical and pharmaceutical industries. The variability of living organisms is often very high, making the culture process difficult to standardize. Extensive process optimization and control are required for stable cell cultures, fermentations and improved yield. Today bioprocess development relies on labor intensive sampling and...

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Beyond Process Analytics Hamilton’s electrochemical and optical sensors are the solution for process analytical measurement systems, characterized by proven quality and outstanding performance. Offering measurement parameter solutions in pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity, our sensors and accessories are backed by over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise in innovative design. Foodlyte Biocompatible Reference Electrolyte Most innovative Polymer Reference Electrolyte The Foodlyte electrolyte was specifically developed for the needs of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical...

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Conductivity Standards VisiFerm DO The most reliable Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor in the Industry Certified and Traceable Hamilton was the first to offer conductivity standards at 1.3 and 5 μS/cm with a certified accuracy of ±1% and a durability of 1.5 or 3 years. All conductivity standards exhibit a previously unknown level of stability which has been confirmed by measurements done by the PTB. Governmental metrological institutes that deal with measurement of electrolytic conductivity have become aware of these standards, and the composition of these standards is patented. The...

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Intelligence Integrated Wireless Communication & Calibration Hamilton Arc revolutionizes the integration of sensors by rethinking communication between sensors, end users and process control systems (PCS). The functionality of a traditional transmitter has been replaced by a microprocessor within the sensors head. Arc sensors communicate directly with the PCS through 4-20mA standard and digital signals. Arc sensors provide full online wireless option for monitoring, configuration and calibration. 4-20 mA Loop/Modbus Arc Cond probe Arc DO probe Arc pH probe Arc Wi Adapter With the...

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SYSTEM INSTALLATIONS SYSTEM INSTALLATIONS Analog Systems Standard Measuring Loop EasyFerm Plus Arc 4-20 mA / Modbus EasyFerm Plus Measuring Loop in Hazardous Area Arc in R&D Polilyte Plus Measuring Loop in Pipe

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pH measurements are important in many processes. There is almost none where the pH value does not play a dominant role. All biological processes depend on the activity of enzymes because they show a pH optimum and lose their functionality if the pH is too low or too high. The pH value is measured in most processes using a glass electrode. This pH glass forms a thin gel layer in aqueous solutions that is highly selective to H+ ions. The pH dependent potential of the gel layer is measured against a built-in reference electrode with a constant potential. This reference electrode may be a...

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SENSORS Polilyte Plus family Specifications Measuring range 0 - 14 pH Process temperature See table on page 138/139 Pressure range See table on page 138/139 (relative to ambient) Hygienic aspects Autoclavable: H, HB, PHI CIP: HB, PHI SIP: H, HB, PHI pH glass See table on page 18 Electrolyte Polisolve Plus Reference system Everef-L Diaphragm Single Pore The outstanding success of the Polilyte Plus in chemical and wastewater applications gave the inspiration for transferring the good features to a whole family of sensors. The expanded portfolio widens the range of applications that can be...

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SENSORS pH SENSORS EasyFerm Plus Specifications Measuring range 0 - 14 pH Process temperature 0 - 140 °C (Arc: analog 0 - 110 °C, digital 0 - 140 °C) Pressure range 0 - 6 bar (relative to ambient) Hygienic aspects Autoclavable, SIP, CIP Electrolyte Phermlyte Reference system Everef-F O-ring EPDM* The EasyFerm Plus family of pH sensors is designed to withstand demanding applications in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. All family members have the same reference electrolyte Phermlyte, the same type of diaphragm HP Coatramic but different pH glasses. The standard EasyFerm Plus, with...

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Specifications Measuring range 0 - 14 pH Process temperature 0 - 140 °C (Arc: analog 0 - 110 °C, digital 0 - 140 °C) Pressure range 0 - 6 bar (relative to ambient) Hygienic aspects Autoclavable, SIP, CIP Electrolyte Foodlyte Reference system Everef-F O-ring Silicone* Ordering Information The EasyFerm Bio family of pH sensors is designed for applications in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Food & Beverage industries. All family members have the same reference electrolyte Foodlyte, with its certified bio-compatibility. Additionally the EasyFerm Bio sensors are certified to EHEDG...

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