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Decapping STAR Workstation

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Decapping STAR Workstation ™ Fully automated decapping solution offering de- and re-capping capability for a wide range of tubes   Reliable reading of barcodes   Wide range of tubes   Closed to avoid contamination   Rotational mixing during transportation   Walk-away automation

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Discover the possibilities The current manual process of opening and closing capped tubes limits the full implementation of cell culture procedures. Hamilton’s automated solution for de-capping and re-capping such tubes addresses this need. In the field of cellomics, Hamilton offers specialized solutions in field of cell biology research for automated cultivation of cell cultures. System Overview Up to two Decapping Modules can be placed on a Microlab® STAR™ deck which are served by 4 Twister channels on a slim arm with up to eight 1mL or four 5 mL channels added on an additional slim arm....

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