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Microlab 300

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Guided Pipetting System Minimize Pipetting Errors While Making Your Job Easier

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Take Control of Your Pipetting XX      Guided Protocols Run-only methods reduce errors with on-screen instructions and automatic volume adjustment to guide the user. XX      User-Friendly Software Quickly create and run protocols with an intuitive touch screen interface. XX      Reduced Fatigue Minimize strain with the lightest pipette probe in the industry. XX      Improved Accuracy Automatically compensate for unique atmospheric and liquid properties.

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Cable Management System Innovative Software An easy-to-use graphical interface uses animations to clearly indicate each pipetting step. Pipette Holder Accuracy from 0.5 µL–1 mL The intelligent syringe drive utilizes a large and small syringe to achieve accuracy and precision across a wide volume range.

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Understanding the Guided Pipetting System The Microlab 300 ensures pipetting results with easy-to-use software that instructs users through controlled protocols. Obtain the performance of a fully automated liquid handling platform with the flexibility and affordability of a manually controlled process. If you’re still pipetting the old way, contact a Hamilton representative today and take control of your pipetting. Favorites Selection Quickly access favorite dispense volumes using the probe scroll wheel. Left or Right Handed Design Lightweight Hand Probe ClickSure™ Tips

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Pipette Wizards User-directed pipette Wizards provide flexibility while maintaining pipetting integrity with digital volume and speed adjustment. Commonly used volume settings are saved as Favorites and recalled at the touch of a button. Pipetting operations include: Serial Dispense Reverse Pipette Linked Methods Use Linked Methods to program a series of pipetting operations into a guided electronic protocol. Technicians run these protocols and on screen instructions guide them through each pipetting task, thus increasing productivity and reproducibility while minimizing pipetting errors....

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Microlab 300 Series Pipettor Ordering Information Part Number Microlab 300 Series Pipettor ships complete with a Disposable Tip Hand Probe, Syringe Drive and Controller, and Cable Management System. Accuracy and Precision Dispense Volume (µL) The data for accuracy and precision applies to Hamilton ClickSure pipette tips. ClickSure Tips Less force, more comfort. Hamilton’s competitively priced ClickSure tips are validated to provide superior accuracy and precision. The unique design requires low force to load and eject tips, enabling long-term use with minimal hand strain. The...

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