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Microlab STAR Line

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Microlab STAR Line Laboratory Automation Platform

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Expertise over 50 years experience in liquid handling Innovative Technologies for Life Sciences For almost 60 years Hamilton products have successfully served researchers in laboratories all over the world. Playing a key role in the early days of laboratory automation, Hamilton Robotics introduced the world’s first semi-automated diluter in 1970, followed by the first fully automated sample preparation workstation in 1980. To this day Hamilton continues to lead the industry in innovative robotic liquid handling with the Microlab STAR Line. Commitment to Support Customer satisfaction has the...

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Hamilton has repeatedly demonstrated to be a reliable and committed partner. We relied on Hamilton to automate our sensitive stem cells culture right from the start. Working with Hamilton’s staff feels like being in one team, speaking the same language and having the same goals. Prof. Oliver Brüstle University of Bonn and Life&Brain GmbH , Germany Clark Hamilton develops the first microliter syringe Founding of Hamilton Company, Bonaduz AG Founding of subsidiary Hamilton Germany Microlab F.A.M.E Founding of Hamilton France Digital Diluter Founding of subsidiary Hamilton GB Microlab STAR –...

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Innovation the benchmark for precison and reliability The STAR Line uses air displacement and the unique CO-RE system. These innovations provide unrivalled features to maximize sample care and integrity. u Air displacement pipetting u Dynamic liquid classification u Total aspiration and dispense monitoring u Dual liquid level detection Hamilton STAR systems were our natural first choice. The innovative pipetting control prevented contamination in our cellular assays and provided accuracy and reliability in the biochemistry experiments. Dr. Luke Alderwick, Ph.D Director of the Birmingham...

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held pipette and offers all Penefits that come with system liquid free Dispense Monitoring (TADM) TADM is a real-time error detection feature that verifies and reports any error that could occur during all pipetting steps. changes in the channels when pipetting volatile solvents and therefore allowing dropless pipetting of any kind of liquid. ETTINCk CHANNEL Dynamic Liquid Classification Dynamic Liquid Classification improves pipetting precision of unknown liquids, formulations variaPle quality due to automatic classification according to their physical parameters. CO-RE Technology The...

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Safety complete process control and traceability Complete tracking of all steps throughout your processes are guaranteed. From sample loading, identification to processing, the STAR Line system controls every action taken and ensures pro-active error handling for maximum safety. u Autoload system / Automated 1D barcode reading u Automated 2D barcode reading Hamilton could offer a unique solution for our needs, with focus on process robustness and sample safety. Every step of the protocol is monitored and traced, from the initial setup carried out by the operator prior to start, to sample...

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Automated 2D Barcode Reading With a high performance industrial camera and superior software, all common rack and tube 2D codes are decoded and identified in a very short time. Integrated in a space saving carrier, the deck layout is optimized. STARwatch Diagnostics STARwatch continuously monitors the condition of the Instrument. The captured data is automatically analyzed, and when a critical pattern is recognized, the service organization is immediately informed to provide a pro-active intervention. Automatic Channel Verification This walk-away application allows for automatic...

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Intuitive simplified, flexible workflow Intuitive VENUS Software Suite Hamiltons’ VENUS software offers basic or advanced programming, without limiting your imagination or compromising your requirements. Intuitive editors provide full control over every aspect of your method. u SuperSimpleMethods: pre-programmed methods to execute the most common lab routines (copy plates, add buffer, serial dilution, etc.) with the least possible user interaction – plug and play u SmartSteps: pre-programmed software modules that can combined to a ready-to-use method u StepTemplates: a skeleton of commonly...

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Flexible Configurations Air displacement offers the easiest way of pipetting automation: simply switch on your system and start running your method, there´s no need for any specific preparation step. The technology was invented to be applied to independent pipetting channels as well as multiprobe heads. The immediate benefits of this technology are: u Easily set up any application by sharing liquid classes between independent pipetting channels and multiprobe heads u Unique consumables concept enables usage of the same tips for pipetting volumes from 0.5 up to 1000µl on single channels and...

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Flexibility delivering future proof automation No Compromises: STARlet, STAR or STARplus Depending on your throughput and integration requirements you can select out of three different platform sizes. All deck sizes use the same advanced technologies and features to serve your specific application needs. The flexibility of Hamilton STARlet in terms of implementation of various protocols for nucleic acids extractions was a key consideration in selecting Hamilton. We are now pleased to use different protocols for our panel of applications in molecular biology (HRM, Allelic discrimination,...

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Advanced Transportation and Integration with iSWAP The articulating robotic arm with plate gripper reaches out on both sides of the deck, for end-to-end automated solutions and more walk-away time (e.g., place a plate in a reader). Ultimate Flexibility for Integrations with RackRunner The Hamilton RackRunner is a fast and reliable robot used to integrate several devices such as Hamilton STAR liquid handling workstations, Hamilton Storage Technologies’ automated storage systems, DeCappers, or third party equipment such as hotels, incubators, and plate readers. There are different versions of...

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