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Process Analytics Measuring Solutions

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Process Analytics Measuring Solutions

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Global Presence Hamilton has sales representatives in many countries. There is always a competent representative or partner in the neighborhood of our customers. The map below shows the Hamilton offices. Sensor manufacturing in Bonaduz, CH Headquarter in Reno, USA Want to get in touch with Hamilton? We are just one click away:

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Process Analytics Measurement Solutions

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Arc – Wisdom from Within See more on page 12 Cell Density See more on page 66 Housings See more on page 108

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Cell Density Viable and Total Cell Density Monitoring Biological processes are increasingly important in biotechnical and pharmaceutical industries. The variability of living organisms is often very high, making the culture process difficult to standardize. Extensive process optimization and control are required for stable cell cultures, fermentations and improved yield. Today bioprocess development relies on labor intensive sampling and offline measurements that also lack the necessary granularity to fully optimize the yield. The available online measurements of pH and dissolved oxygen are...

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Arc Modbus – Profibus Converter Arc Integration into a Profibus DP Process Control System Hamilton Arc and VisiFerm DO sensors provide a digital Modbus® protocol that can be converted into the Profibus DP protocol using the Deutschmann Unigate® CL Module. All Arc parameters DO, pH, ORP and conductivity are supported. For an easy adaption to Profibus DP, Hamilton developed a conversion script for the Deutschmann Unigate® CL-Profibus Module giving access to the most common Modbus register. In cooperation with Sanofi-Aventis (Frankfurt/Germany) Hamilton Arc sensors were tested successfully on...

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Polilyte Plus Family Three New Sensors for an Extended Range of Applications ODO Cap H2 Hygienic Designed ODO Cap with Improved Chemical Resistance In many bioprocesses lipohilic compounds are part of the raw material. These substances may enter the silicone membrane of an ODO cap and interfere with the luminophore. A special PTFE layer was developed without slowing down the response time significantly. This leads to a much longer lifetime of the ODO cap H1 and H2 in an environment containing lipophilic compounds and aggressive liquids. The cap is suitable with all optical DO sensors:...

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Safety First The IECEx system is a conformity assessment system of the International Electrical Commission (IEC). It is the objective of the IECEx system to facilitate international trade in equipment and services. Currently Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore accept the IECEx certificate of conformity as meeting all of the national requirements for Ex Certification. No further national certification is required. The IECEx is also accepted in many other countries. Hamilton Offers More Certificates Then Ever Many industrial processes are in hazardous environments and require suitable...

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Beyond Process Analytics Hamilton’s electrochemical and optical sensors are the solution for process analytical measurement systems, characterized by proven quality and outstanding performance. Offering measurement parameter solutions in pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity, our sensors and accessories are backed by over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise in innovative design. Foodlyte Biocompatible Reference Electrolyte The Foodlyte electrolyte was specifically developed for the needs of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries. It’s based on food...

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Polisolve Plus Most innovative Polymer Reference Electrolyte Single Pore Single Pore Concept The never-clog Liquid Junction A Single Pore is an open liquid junction and an alternative to diaphragms. Instead of many tiny pores in a ceramic diaphragm, a single pore, about 2000 times larger in diameter, is used. This concept provides a direct contact between reference electrode and sample. In combination with the bigger diameter this liquid junction can hardly be clogged. The Single Pore results in a faster response time, more accurate readings and prevents reference poisoning. Hamilton has...

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Conductivity Standards Certified and Traceable Hamilton was the first to offer conductivity standards at 1.3 and 5 μS/cm with a certified accuracy of ±1% and a durability of 1.5 or 3 years. All conductivity standards exhibit a previously unknown level of stability which has been confirmed by measurements done by the PTB. Governmental metrological institutes that deal with measurement of electrolytic conductivity have become aware of these standards, and the composition of these standards is patented. The measurement procedure for determining conductivity has been developed in collaboration...

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VisiFerm DO The most reliable Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor in the Industry The VisiFerm DO is the first optical dissolved oxygen (DO) process sensor for demanding applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and beverage industries. The measuring principle is based on oxygen dependent quenching of the emitting light of a luminophore. Easy and fast to maintain, the multiple time-constraints caused by the use of electrochemical type DO sensors is eliminated. Decreased cost of ownership is further improved with an integrated sensor lifetime check that indicates when the sensor is in...

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The True Power No external Transmitter Hamilton Arc revolutionizes the integration of sensors by rethinking communication between sensors, end users and process control systems (PCS). The functionality of a traditional transmitter has been replaced by a microprocessor within the sensors head. Arc sensors communicate directly with the PCS through 4-20mA standard and digital signals. With the micro-transmitter integrated, Arc sensors offer a fully compensated, converted digital and 4-20mA signal directly to the process control system. Fully compensated signal XX      Temperature compensated...

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Arc Intelligence Wireless Communication and Calibration Arc sensors provide full online wireless option for monitoring, configuration and calibration. 4-20 mA Loop/Modbus Arc Cond probe Arc DO probe Arc pH probe Arc Wi-Adapter Cross Flow Laboratory Calibration Batching Tank Complete Arc Sensor Portfolio

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