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SoftGrip™ Pipette

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SoftGrip Pipette Catalog ™ User-centric designs that maximize quality, comfort, and precision

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Hamilton SoftGrip Pipettes TM The Standard for Quality, Comfort, and Precision Outstanding Quality The SoftGrip™ pipette, with its award-winning, innovative design*, is built to last just like our precision syringe products. SoftGrip manual pipettes are completely autoclavable for easy decontamination and sterilizations. Total Comfort The soft, ergonomic shape and low plunger forces of the SoftGrip pipette reduce hand and wrist fatigue as compared to other pipettes. Using SoftGrip pipettes decreases the risk factors associated with pipette-related repetitive stress injuries such as carpal...

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Relaxed Grip Economically contoured handle with soft, non-slip surface fits perfectly in your hand to minimize fatigue. Maintains Volume Setting Isolated volume adjustment ring prevents accidental volume changes. Light, Balanced Feel One Stroke Tip Ejection Curved hilt supports the pipette to provide finer Lever-action ejector removes all tips c control while pipetting. the first stroke and is easily reset for left-handed operation.

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SoftGrip Pipettes The Best Ergonomic Pipette, Proven Scientifically in an Independent Study Use of the SoftGrip pipette decreases several of the risk factors associated with the development of repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome. Less Force = Less Fatigue and Discomfort Pipette actuation force measurements were taken for the three pipetting actuation forces: (1) Dispense Stop, (2) Blowout Stop, and (3) Tip Eject. SoftGrip pipettes require less than half the overall force when compared to a traditional pipette. Less Fatigue and Discomfort = Increased User...

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Ergonomics, Hamilton Pipettes & You Ergonomics has become a critical factor in today’s laboratories. Research has shown that use of traditional pipettes for more than 300 hours per year is associated with an increased risk of hand and shoulder ailments1. To address the ergonomic issues facing laboratories, Hamilton pipettes were ergonomically designed to minimize the amount of fatigue and discomfort typically experienced in pipetting. Overall, use of Hamilton pipettes decreases several of the risk factors associated with the development of repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel...

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SOFTGRIP PIPETTES SoftGrip Pipettes—Single Channel XXWide Selection of Ergonomic Pipettes XXCompletely Autoclavable XXGuaranteed Accuracy and Precision SoftGrip pipettes routinely receive the highest user satisfaction score of 10 on 11 different aspects of a pipette, including plunger and eject forces, weight, diameter, and texture. Choose from six adjustable volume and ten fixed volume SoftGrip pipettes covering 0.2 µL to 1 mL. All pipettes have color-coded plunger buttons and labels for easy volume identification. SoftGrip air-displacement pipettes are built from high quality,...

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SOFTGRIP PIPETTES SoftGrip Fixed Volume Pipettes, 5 µL–1 mL At 100% of Pipette Volume Accuracy within ±% Precision within % Steel Blue Forest Green Burnt Orange Olive Green SoftGrip Single Channel Pipette Carousel Single Channel Pipette Accessories Part No. Single Channel Pipette Carousel Constructed of heavy, solvent-resistant plastic; holds six single and multi-channel pipettes Quickly record and view calibration data with labels on your pipettes For simple calibration in the field Calibration Labels

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SOFTGRIP PIPETTES SoftGrip Pipettes—Multi-Channel XXEasily Adjusts for Left-Hand Operation XXCompletely Autoclavable XXGuaranteed Accuracy and Precision Hamilton SoftGrip pipettes are available as 8-channel and 12-channel adjustable volume manual pipettes in two volume ranges covering 5 µL to 50 µL and 30 µL to 300 µL. The pipettes have color-coded plunger buttons and labels for quick volume identification. The unique, long tip ejector lever and movable lower body can be rotated a full 360º relative to the handle to provide maximum comfort for left- or right-handed use. Additionally, the...

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SOFTGRIP PIPETTES Manual Multi-Channel Pipettes SoftGrip Multi-Channel Pipettes, 8-Channel, 5 uL-300 uL At 10% of Pipette Volume At 100% of Pipette Volume _ . .. ... Increments _ . Accuracy Precision Accuracy Precision (uL) within ±% within % within ±% within % SoftGrip Multi-Channel Pipettes, 12-Channel, 5 uL-300 uL At 10% of Pipette Volume At 100% of Pipette Volume _ . .. ... Increments _ . Accuracy Precision Accuracy Precision (uL) within ±% within % within ±% within % Multi-Channel Pipette Accessories Pipette Stand Constructed of heavy, solvent- resistant plastic; holds one...

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ADVANTIP PIPETTE TIPS Accuracy and Precision Unsurpassed Accuracy and Precision, Guaranteed Guaranteed accuracy and precision are a function of both pipette and tip performance. Based on published specifications, the Hamilton SoftGrip pipette delivers the best overall accuracy and precision versus any other pipette brand. The SoftGrip pipette and Hamiton AdvanTip Precision Pipette Tips create a liquid handling system designed for optimal performance. Ensure you are getting the Hamilton accuracy and precision advantage by using only Hamilton AdvanTip Precision Pipette Tips. High Quality Tips...

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ADVANTIP PIPETTE TIPS AdvanTip LT Tips—The Ultimate in Accuracy and Precision XXMaximum recovery of valuable samples and reagents XXNo secondary chemicals or additives XXConsistent results, no sample leaching XXHighest accuracy and reproducibility XXCertified RNase, DNase, and pyrogen safe New AdvanTip LT pipette tips virtually eliminate any retention of valuable samples and reagents. Unlike standard polypropylene products, the wall surfaces of AdvanTip LT tips are completely free of occlusions and cavities. This is achieved through a modification to the polypropylene resin combined with...

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ADVANTIP PIPETTE TIPS and Precision Pipette Tips AdvanTip LT Pipette Tips—Low Retention Tips Volume Range: 0.2-10 uL • Recommended for 2, 5, and 10 uL pipettes Description Low Retention Standard 10 uL, Bulk, Extended Length, 1000 tips/bag 23005-14 11005-14 10 uL, Racked, Extended Length, 96 tips/rack 68007-24 10 uL, Racked, Pre-Sterilized, 96 tips/rack 23003-01 68007-12 10 uL, Racked, Filter, Pre-Sterilized, 96 tips/rack 68007-23 68007-13 10 uL, Racked, Extended Length, Filter, Pre-Sterilized, 96 tips/rack 68007-26 11003-26 10 uL, Stacked Rack, 96 tips/rack, 5 racks/stack 11003-11

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