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Containment Transfer Technology Po w d e r & As e p t i c Co nt a in m e n t Tr a n s f e r Val v e Sy s t e m Fast and secure transfer for material Containment Economic solution 杭州吉沃科技有限公司 Hangzhou Geevo T

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Alpha Beta Valve -Description Description An Alpha Beta valve (Split butterfly valve) system is consist of an active and a passive valve which adopts well-designed split butterfly valve technology. Realize contained transfer of material, and the transfer process guarantees the sterile situation won't be destroyed or avoid being spread of the toxic materials in the container. Including feeding, charging, dispensing, sampling, etc. GeevoSBV αβ valve has two types: Conventional and clean/sterilization in place. Purpose of use 1. Ensure production process meet GMP, product quality requirement...

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Alpha Beta Valve -Conventional Passive Valve Active Valve Passive Valve Seat Active Valve Seat Active and Passive Disks αβ valve -Conventional don't set isolation valve inlet and outlet, can't clean/sterilize the valve disk exposed face in place. People can wash and sterilize the exposed face by manual work to reach the normative requirement of material transfer. Process First step.Prepare docking ——Active valve and passive valve prepare docking. Each valve has one half disk, and each valve is both sealed independently which can’t open until two halves valve disks combined. Second...

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Alpha Beta Valve -Clean/sterilization in place Product Passive Valve Active Valve Seal ring Isolation Valve Outlet Passive Valve Seat Active Valve Seat Active and Passive Disks Isolation Valve Inllet Clean/sterilization in place type of αβ valve set isolation inlet and outlet, can clean/sterilize the valve disk exposed face in place, then carry on active and passive valve combined and split, guarantee safety of material or environment. Interval self-lock device CIP(Clean in place) After material being transferred, active and passive valve operate to be apart, start interval self-lock...

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Alpha Beta Valve -Complement Reducer Union Different size of valve interface can be connected according to reducer union. It improves the utilization rate of device, reduce the cost.The application of reducer union can be extended to sampling port, cleaning interface of container and watch window. Stainless steel barrel Stainless steel material barrel can load special materials. Accept customized for volumn or interface size, even can customized visable ss barrel, easy for oberve the transfer process of material. Valve sealing seat Active and passive valve all has its sealing seat....

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Multi-function Material Carrier Description Multi-function material carrier have three functions, Material vertical lifting,rollover at 360 degree and transport. Mainly applied in clean room and some high requirement area. Only fine adjust the height and angle when carrier lift vertically and rotate at 360 degree to connect exactly. Especially working with αβ valve, that will be easy, fast and safe for material transfer. Feature —Material: SS304 —Universal caster wheel with brakes, mute design — Adopts worm gear and worm drive technology. Lift and rollover process is fine adjustment,...

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