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Sterility Test System 杭州吉沃科技有限公司 Hangzhou Geevo Tec

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SM86 Work Principle SM86 Sterility test system is based on the principle of Membrane Filtration by the action of directional peristaltic pressure, filling testing sample into the closed canister and filtration by the positive pressure of the device. Rinsing membrane to remove the bacteriostatic ingredient if samples included. Appropriate medium is pumped into each canister separately to promote the growth of the captured organisms. The canisters are incubated and examined for contamination in accordance with the relevant pharmacopoeia. Many types of sterile products can be tested, includes...

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Sterility Test System Standardize simple operation ◆Accept 20samples SOP, can inquiry SOP of each sample. ◆Simple sterility test management software, operation steps just follow the screen instructions to finish the whole sterility test process. ◆Guarantee high repeatability for different operators. Unique label print function ◆ As traditional method after finish sterility test, canister body will be written with information by hand. ◆GEEVO unique label print function, will print the relevant information of the experiment to the sticker and stick it on the canister body directly, ◆ Be...

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Technical Parameter Voltage Total power Pushbutton power switch 220V\110V±10%,50/60Hz 120W Waterproof button switch with light Printer inlet 5 core waterproof aerial plugt Footswitch inlet 3 core waterproof aerial plug Rotation speed Prestore SOP information Touch screen Operating language 50pcs 7inch high definition touch capacitive screen Chinese \ English Pump housing 304 stainless steel mirror polished Drain tray support 316L stainless steel mirror polished Drain tray container Weight of pump device Pump device size (mm) Printer device size (mm) Print paper size (mm) Sterility Test...

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