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Automatic temperature control system P850/P850A adopts peltier temperature control system, make sure the whole testing with accuracy and constant temperature. P810/P810A/P850/P850A Automatic Polarimeter P800 Polarimeter Automatic Polarimeter P850/P850A includes built-in Peltier precise temperature control system. P series Polarimeter with automatic photoelectric inspection technology and WINDOWS HMI system, boasts accurate and reliable measurement, convenient operation and so on. By detecting the optical rotation, the density, content and purity of substances etc. can be analyzed and determined It’ s widely used in medicine, petroleum, food, chemicals. flavors, spices, sugar making, other industries and universities and research institutes. Characteristic ■ Large color touch screen display and innovative WINDOWS software interface give extremely convenient device operation and data acquisition ■ A variety of measurement modes are optional, without using complicated manual calculation ■ Extremely large storage capacity can store up to 1000 groups of data information automatically. r Ultra long life light source It adopt High brightness LED lights with service life exceeding 100000 hours, less time ready for use. save your cost and time. Automatic Calibration P810A/P850A built in automatic calibration system, it provides much higher accuracy result, much easier for calibration Note: with the same technical index; ' without

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