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Harloff Products Are Used Throughout Hospitals in a Wide Range of Clinical Settings, Including: 1. Emergency crash carts to treat those who have 6. Treatment and procedure carts used for suffered serious and life-threatening physical injury everything from wound care to phlePotomy 2. Orthopedic casting-splinting carts for the 7. Medication carts compatible with hospital treatment of strains, sprains and fractures medication distribution systems 3. Anesthesia carts used in operating rooms 8. Narcotics cabinets that allow medical staff to and surgery centers maintain physical security of...

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Create a lean environment throughout your hospital with Harloff’s Medical Storage line of carts and cabinets. These products are designed to strengthen your supply chain, increase work capacity and decrease operational costs. Harloff’s Medical Storage line helps clinical departments put the right amount of supplies where they are needed while protecting them from pilferage or grazing, thereby reducing over-buying, hoarding, and expiration of unused supplies.

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SINGLE COLUMN CARTS ? MS8128DR Tempered Glass Door (Shown in Burgundy) MS8138 Extra Wide (Shown in Hammertone Blue)

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DOUBLE COLUMN CARTS ? MS8140SH Five Adjustable Shelves and Tambour Door Tambour Door Tempered Glass Doors (Shown in Forest Green) • Offers over 30% more tray/basket storage capacity by volume when compared with leading competitor’s product, using any combination of 2", 4" and 8" modular trays; or 4" and 7" wired baskets. • This increased storage means fewer carts need to be purchased for larger storage areas, reducing capital purchase cost • Further optimize space within trays with adjustable dividers that have a unique clip-on locking design to withstand high loads without being forced out...

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DOUBLE COLUMN CARTS ? Open Above, Split Below Split Above, Open Below (Shown in Hammertone Blue) MS6140 3/4 Height Cart, Tambour Door MS6140DR-SH 3/4 Height Cart with Three Adjustable Shelves and Tempered Glass Doors MS6140DR 3/4 Height Cart, Tempered Glass Doors

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TRIPLE COLUMN CARTS ? MS8160 Three Columns with Tambour Door • The MS8160 is a triple column medical storage cart, with tambour door, designed for quick access to medical instruments and supplies, featuring the most innovative modular tray system on the market. • The MS8160 can be configured for use in supporting various surgical procedures, including: – Arthroscopy – Laparoscopy – Cardiology – Ophthalmology – Catheterization – Orthopedic – Cystoscopy – Neurology – Endovascular Labs – Urology – ENT – Vascular – Interventional Radiology Single Column on Right (Shown in Hammertone Green)...

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Single Column on Left, Split Column Above, Open Below Single Column on Left, Open Above, Split Column Below (Shown in Hammertone Blue) Split Above, Open Below, Single Column on Right Open Above, Split Below, Single Column on Right (Shown in Hammertone Blue) (Shown in Hammertone Gray)

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ELECTRONIC LOCKING CARTS Single Column & Double Column MS8128DR-EKC Single Column Cart, Tempered Glass Door with Electronic Lock MS8140DR-EKC Double Column Cart, Tempered Glass Doors with Electronic Lock (Shown in Light Blue) ELP – Proximity Reader and Keypad Unit 41037–Lock Reader Card Badges for Proximity Lock Cart 41053–Lock Reader Tags for Proximity Lock Cart 41052–LockView Software and Dongel with RJ-11 Cable [software allows user to interact with electronic lock through a computer. Enables mass programming, view of audit trail (who accessed the cart and when), changes in auto-re-lock...

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CATHETER PROCEDURE CARTS Single Column MS8128-CATH with Catheter Slide Shelf, 3 Catheter Slides, 5 Hooks per Slide with Tambour Door MS8128DR-CATH with Catheter Slide Shelf, 3 Catheter Slides, 5 Hooks per Slide with Tempered Glass Door (Shown in Light Gray, with Optional Side Panels) (Shown in Hammertone Blue) • Cath Lab in a Cart: Designed especially for Cath Labs and IR departments • Holds all sizes of catheters on full extension holders • All-inclusive cart that keeps the necessary supplies together in one place • Cath Slides feature a pair of ball bearing slides to withstand the pull...

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CATHETER PROCEDURE CARTS Double Column MS8140DR-CATH1 Double Column Cath Cart with 2 Catheter Slide Shelves, Tempered Glass Doors MS8140-CATH Double Wide Cath Cart with Full Width Catheter Slide Shelf, including 7 Catheter Slides, 5 Hooks per Slide, and Tambour Door (Shown in Hammertone Blue) MS8140DRCATH-3 Cath Cart with Tempered Glass Door. Preconfigured as follows: Left Column, 1 Catheter Slide Shelf with 3 Slides; Right Column 3 ea. 1/2" trays, 5 ea. 4" Wired Baskets, 4 ea. 7" Wired Baskets MS8140CATH-7 Double Column Cath Cart with Tambour Door. Preconfigured as follows: Left Column, 1...

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CATHETER PROCEDURE CARTS Triple Column MS8160CATH Triple Column Cath Cart with 3 Catheter Slide Shelves (Shown in Hammer Red, with Optional Side Panels)

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PRECONFIGURED DOUBLE COLUMN CARTS Central Supply Cart Endovascular Cart Interventional Radiology Cart (Shown in Hammertone Green) (Shown in Hammertone Gray) (Shown in Hammertone Blue) Cardiac Cart Cysto/Urology Cart Ophthalmology/ENT Cart Laparoscopy Cart Orthopedic Cart Vascular Cart Urology Cart Arthroscopy Cart (Shown in Forest Green) (Shown in Hammertone Blue) (Shown in Hammertone Gray) (Shown in Light Blue)

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PRECONFIGURED TRIPLE COLUMN CARTS Arthroscopy Cart Cardiac Cart Cysto/Urology Cart (Shown in Hammertone Blue) Laparoscopy Cart Orthopedic Cart Vascular Cart (Shown in Light Gray) Critical Care Cart Catheterization Cart (Shown in Hammertone Blue)

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FLEXMODUL TRAY & DIVIDERS The Innovation of H+H FlexModul 81030S–2" tray, ABS Gray 81030-1–2" tray with 1 long divider 81030-2 –2" tray with 1 short divider 81030-3 –2" tray with 2 long dividers 81030-4 –2" tray with 2 short dividers 81030-5 – 2" tray with 1 long, 1 short dividers 81030-6 – 2" tray with 2 long, 1 short dividers 81030-7– 2" tray with 1 long, 3 short dividers 81030-8 – 2" tray with 2 long, 2 short dividers 81031S–4" tray, ABS Gray 81031-1–4" tray with 1 long divider 81031-2 –4" tray with 1 short divider 81031-3 –4" tray with 2 long dividers 81031-4 –4" tray with 2 short...

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