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Quality 1, safe 2 and mobile mesh nebulizer Low drug adverse reaction 75g, receive treatment everywhere Deepro Mesh Nebulizer Deepro TM is an innovative mesh nebulizer that can provide stable FPD and great FPF3 precisely targeting to lower respiratory tract, which delivers safe nebulization with low drug adverse reaction. Its tiny hand-held size, auto clog removing and water proof characters, make each therapy possible at anywhere in any situation. For more information please visit our website: 1.2. Third party report: Great FPF&FPD precisely target to lower respiratory tract, which deliver quality and safe nebulization. 3. FPD, FPF : fine particle dose, fine particle fraction

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Accurate provision of stable and great FPD With its extreme quality and stability in providing great aerosol, Deepro™ is able to increase patient’s QoL (quality of life). MSD Technology™ (Micro Synchronized Delivery) The technology empowers DeeproTM to deliver stable and quality nebulization by constant monitor of drug solution and suspension. Aerosol Output Rate (ml/min) Resprlable Fraction (% mass 0.5nm~SiJm) Inhalation drug test1 result IPulmozyme Dornasum alfa 2,5mg/2,5 ml Ipratropium Bromide MMAD Aerosol output rate Antibiotic 1. Test with Marple personal cascade impactor. 2. Further...

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Low drug adverse reaction Supreme quality offering supreme safety Deepro™ protects patients by offering lower respiratory tracts with high FPF aerosol delivery, precisely targeting to treatment area resulting low drug adverse reaction. By adopting vibrating mesh technology, Deepro™ provides smaller GSD (Geometric Standard Distribution), resulting a higher proportion of fine aerosol than a jet nebulizer with same MMAD.

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Receive treatment everywhere Remove clog in no time No worry about water Technical Data Certifications deepro Dimensions

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