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A8 Endoscopy Ceiling Pendant

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Heal Force Heal Force OR Series Ceiling Pendant Seríes

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Heal Force A8 series ceiling pendants including A8 Anaesthesia Ceiling Pendant(Motorized), A8 Surgery Ceiling Pendant (Mechanical), A8 Endoscopy Ceiling Pendant(Mechanical) and A8 Combination Ceiling Pendant(Mechanical), are designed to hold surgical instrument, laparoscope, anaesthesia machine, patient monitor, defibrillator and infusion pump in operation room or ICU. A8 Anaesthesia Ceiling Pendant (Motorized) A8 Surgery Ceiling Pendant (Mechanical) A8 Endoscopy Ceiling Pendant (Mechanical) A8 Combination Ceiling Pendant (Mechanical) Multiple Choices of Solutions The A8 series offer the...

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Ceiling Pendant (Motorized) High-quality motor can vertically lift the distributor at 9mm/s quietly. Vertical distributor with concave aluminum alloy profile track is mounted with gas terminals, power sockets and other accessories. Order No. OA A8M Standard Maximum 1100mm distributor height for upgrade when extra shelves needed Shelves and drawers’ quantity and position are customizable Steel arm with loading capacity 300kg 370mm lifting height Order No. OA A8LM Standard Loading capacity 200kg 300mm lifting height OA A8M Standard A Extension arm (070210- for IV pole on vertical distributor)...

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Ceiling Pendant (Mechanical) A8 Surgery Ceiling Pendant is designed to load surgical and laparoscope instrument in operation and emergency rooms, to offer more space and convenience. Distributor is available on vertical or horizontal styles, Quantity and position of shelves and drawers can be customized. Order No. L-OS A8L Standard Light-duty aluminum alloy arms with loading capacity 150kg Compact vertical distributor fits in operating room where space is limited Order No. OS A8L Standard-1 Order No. OS A8L Standard-2 Aluminum alloy arms with higher than 200kg loading capacity Optional...

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Ceiling Pendant (Mechanical) Order No. OE A8 Standard-2 Aluminum alloy arms with load capacity 200kg Height adjustable shelves rotate up to 360° Quantity and position of shelves and drawers are customizable A Connector (for IV pole on shelves) Height adjustable and rotatable shelf and drawer (600×400mm) IV pole Basket OE A8 Standard-2

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Heal Force leads you to healthier life Combination ce¡i¡ng Pendant (Mechanical) Aluminum alloy arm and easy operation are especially suitable for ICU application • Single and double arms made of high-intensity aluminum alloy ■ Horizontal distributor, multiple shelves, variable gas terminals and power sockets in the dry ares are equipped to hold ventilator, patient monitor and defibrillator. • Vertical distributor mounted with IV pole, to load infusi ■ Extension arm (070210-for IV pole on vertical distributor; 070200-for IV pole on horizontal distributor) ■ Connector (for IV pole on shelves)...

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B Series ICU Ceiling Pendant ICU Bridge Ceiling Pendants are specially designed for ICUs, emergency rooms and recovery rooms. There are 2 models for option:B25 ICU Ceiling Pendant (Mechanical),B30S ICU Ceiling Pendant (Mechanical).Standard configurations of integrated fluorescent lamp and reading lamp provide additional room illumination. Wet area with stainless steel pole, can be mounted with infusion pump and transfusion devices etc. Dry area with shelves and drawers can hold ventilator, patient monitor and defibrillator. Order No. ICU B25 Standard Carriers on both sides with 150kg load...

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Heal Force leads you to healthier life Ceiling Pendant Series A Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Group Qj£ Nison Instrument (Shanghai) Limited International Sales Office: Floor 15, No.2 Hua Shan Road, Shanghai 200040, P.R.China

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