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How to use CSM? - Stand-alone operation - To patient monitor (via wireless integration) - To anesthesia machine (via wireless integration) Feature - Hand-held size - Multi-parameter EEG waveform displayed - Event labeling - Latex-free components - CSM Link Software™ for case documentation - Cerebral State index (CSI) of 0-100 displayed on ail screens - Rechargeable battery for 18-hour nonstop usage - Stand-alone operation or wireless integration to other equipments Anaeston Series Anesthesia machine (M Heal Force Specification EEG sensitivity Noise CMR input impedance Sample rate_ CSI and update EMG BS% Digital output Wireless range_ Display size Alarms Artefact rejection_ Sensor impedance range Battery Supply current_ Battery lifetime: Alkaline/Rechargeable Weight Dimensions Classification Sensors Cable length Mounting options Memory Monitor language Environment: Operation Environment: Transport and storage 0-100, Filter 6-42 Hz, 1 sec. update 0-100 logarithmic. Filter 75-85 Hz, 1 sec. update 0-100%. Filter 2-42 Hz, 1 sec. update Wireless to RS232 link (ISM 2.4 GHz) Up to 10 meters 32x17 mm High / Low with user selectable limit Automatic 0-1 OkO / measurement current 0.01 pA 9V Alkaline or rechargeable' NiMH (6AM6/IEC:6LR61/ANSL1604A) 25mA (typical) _' ~ ~ ~ 32h (stand alone) 18h (transmitting wireless) 12h (stand alone) 8h (transmitting wireless) 130 g with battery 114x60x31 mm (LxWxD) Internal power supply/ Class II, type BF, continuous use Danmeter Neuro Sensors 195 cm/77" with 35 cm/14" split Velcro strip (42mm x 25mm) Data recording 18 hours English, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, German Temperature 10-40°C/50-104°F Rel. humidity 30-75% Air pressure 700-1060 hPa Temperature 10-40°CA/50-104°F Rel. humidity 30-95% Air pressure 700-1060 hPa erves the right to change, modify, add or delete any content, with Information is subject lo change and/or updating without notice O 2019 Heal Force. CL-NISON-EN-MEDICALEQUIPMENT-OR-MZJ-20191212

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Anaeston Series Anaesthesia Machine - 2

Dimension Weight Driven mode Pipeline gas supply Cylinder gas backup Input pressure O, flush Power supply Screen size Battery backup Vaporizer Mount Anesthetics type Agent type Patient type Options Tidal volume Ventilation mode Value Monitoring Graphic Monitoring Alarm Content Cost-effective way to tailor anesthesia For over 20 years, Heal Force has been working closely with doctors and our industrial partners to develop advanced but affordable hardware and software, for optimizing perioperative anesthetic care and ancillary workflow. To further enhance effectiveness of anesthesia and...

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Anaeston Series Anaesthesia Machine - 3

Feature - High-precision fresh gas output down to 20ml - Automatic volume and compliance compensation -All major ventilation modes integrated (like VCV,PCV,PSV,SIMV+PS) - EEG-based assessment of anesthetic sedation - Spontaneous and manual respiratory MV monitoring - Audible and visual alarm with risk-priority indication and troubleshooting - Autoclavable and latex-free components -12.1" external color TFT monitor - CE marked Anaeston 3000P Anesthesia machine Feature - High-precision fresh gas output down to 20ml - Automatic volume and compliance compensation - Manual,...

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Cerebral State Monitor (CSM) Feature - Dual flow tube with precise output down to 20ml - Tidal volume compensation for low and minimal flow - Manual, VCV, PCV, PLV, SI MV ventilation available - Autoclavable and latex-free components - Tool-free maintenance and cleaning - Built-in 5.7" monochrome TFT monitor - Reusable CO2 canister easy to refill and clean - CE marked - A new standard for consciousness monitoring during anesthesia - Tailored anesthesia with $ 5-10 investment per surgery What is CSM? A new small handheld electroencephalogram (EEG) monitor for assessment of anesthetic...

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