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Heal Force HFsafe LA Seri* Biological Safety Cabinet Heal Force leads you

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Heal Force HFsafe LA biosafety cabinets specialize in quality, design, and innovation that comes from a heritage of over 25 years experience. At Heal Force we know how important it is to offer a high level of protection to operator, sample and environment with advanced technology. With an extensive track record of safety, reliability and performance, HFsafe LA cabinets make ideal investments for a wide range of applications including work with infectious agents that require Biosafety Level 1,2 or 3 containment.

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What to look for in an ideal BSC? Which system Global market vision and design philosophy Heal Force Solutions *-^ ^ Advanced design for \J non-compromising safety

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Proven Reliability Outstanding safety is assured through a variety of core components and features to improve cleanliness and eliminate sample contamination risk. Energy Efficiency The motor controller and lighting can provide significant annual costsavings while maintaining superior performance. Heal Force HFsafeLA biosafety cabinets specialises in quality and design that comes from a heritage of over 25 years' experience. With an extensive track record of safety, reliability and Outstanding Comfort With seven thoughtful features, from the view screen to the work environment and ergonomic...

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Routine research Blood Elements Analysis o Polymerase Chain Reaction O Culture nuisance odors ■ Isolated Clinical Sample O Minute Quantities of Volatile Toxic Chemicals * Trace Amount of Radionucleotides_-_ Antitumor drug preparation * Trace Amount of Radionucleotides - Cell/Tissue Immobilization & Staining - Toxic Powder/ Suspended Substance_O_ With a range of biological safety cabinets, Heal Force has the right technology to meet different application, setting, and budget.

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Global market vision At Heal Force we know how important to design a product in compliance with current worldwide safety standards. There are three widely recognized global standards for BSC performance: NSF/ANSI 49 (American Standard), EN 12469:2000 (European Standard), YY0569:2005 (Chinese Standard). 1 NSF International RECOGNIZES Shanghai Lishen Scientific Equipment Co., Lid. China NSF/ANSI 49 HFsafeLA series are independently tested and certified to NSF/ANSI 49, By NSF International, a leading testing agency in the USA. EN12469 Our Class II type A2 biological safety cabinets are...

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Behind the primary function to provide you cleanliness and containment, there' s the technology that made it all possible. Heal Force Flow-saFe, Lab-AleRt, Low-Vel are designed to increase safety and minimize sample contamination Flow-saFe technology is designed to ensure your safety. Laminar airflow over the working area takes containment to new levels Smart and self-induced motor monitors and controls fan speed in real time to maintain constant airflow during filter loading or temporary obstruction. Flow-safe system automatically balances the downflow and inflow velocities to maintain...

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Knee Clearance Enhanced comfort and convenience 10 0 backward-slanted safety grade glass provides protection from explosion and UV with more comfortable viewing than vertical sashes. The position of the light tubes ensure excellent illumination over the whole working zone and reduces operator fatigue. Silent working conditions save your you can concentrate on work and even hear yourself thinking. _ Depth of . Knee Space

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Programmable automatic UV light timer simplifies operation while extending UV lamp life and saving energy. Powerful UV irradiation illuminates entire work area, design to ensure thorough disinfection of the complete chamber UV lamp with interlocking safety switch allowing operation only when blower and fluorescent light are off and sash is fully closed idden UV lamp protects operator ’ s eyes from hurt Easy to Clean The cabinet work zone has no welded joints to collect contaminants or rust. Details of cabinet developed further to ensure easier cleaning with normal cleaning solvents Airflow...

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German made ebm-papst motors selected for energy efficiency, compact design, and flat profile. Sychronously communicates with microprocessor, there is no need for manual speed control Automatically compensates for normal power line variation, air disruption and filter loading. Motor consumes less energy, reduces heat output and operates more quietly. ULPA Filtration System HFsafe LA biosafety cabinets are equipped with long life ULPA filtration technology by Swedish Camfil Farr Supply and exhaust filters provide 99.999% typical efficiency for particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 microns, providing...

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Airflow velocity monitoring Temperature-compensated airflow sensors monitor the airflow constantly to ensure safe operating conditions are maintained. Two independent sensors (downflow/exhaust airflow) mean double security. Downflow sensor provides instant feedback to the blower so that its speed remains constant regardless of changes in conditions, such as filter loading Velocities of airflow and temperature are inspected at real-time, and indicated on the control panel Alarm thresholds (±10% of the control point) are strictly controlled via microprocessor which guarantees excellent...

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Support stand Saves lab bench space and ensure stability & ergonomic working position Standard heights available: 560mm (22.0"), 660mm (34.0") or 760mm (29.9") Manual adjustable leveling feet to compensate for ground unevenness. Available with castors (option) for easy re-location or transportation. Durable polyurethane caster wheels with 360 degree horizontal rotation Ultraviolet Lamp Kits Controlled by automatic UV lamp timer through microprocessor control panel Emission of 253.7 nanometers for efficient decontamination Lamp is positioned away from operator line of sight for safety and...

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Illumination Light Illumination light provides sufficient brightness to the working chamber. There are two illumination lamps located at inner side of the front panel. Worktop The polished, standard stainless steel Multi-piece table top is easy to remove for cleaning This flexibility of work top choice enables the HFsafe LA to be configured to suit your exact practical requirements. Other options are available to suit customer requirements Active Carbon Postfilters Disposable, impregnated carbon filters (AAF) trap non-volatile nuisance odors of chemicals in the exhaust airflow. Mount atop...

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