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Feature Maximum rigidity and high capacity Virtually unlimited action ranges Modularity with the power of choice Ergonomical design for efficiency Full specs of outlets and accessories Simplified and tailored planning

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The medical technology has equipped ORs and ICUs with powerful equipments. Professionals needs a solution to organize all the devices in an optimal way for an effienct workflow and ultimately for the benefit of patient. Well established Heal Force ceiling supply units improve workplace efficiency by lifting devices off the floor, incorporating outlets and positioning them directly to the acute point of care. Its modular design can be tailored to suite any care areas’ requirements, from surgical, endoscopic, aneasthesia and diagnostics applications as well as intensive care units. Arm-based...

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Heal Force ceiling supply unit offer enhanced positioning as well as lifting capability. This gives you the ability to adapt to constantly changing workflow profiles and clinical situations. Heal Force helps you make the most of the sapce available. 2 | Ceiling Supply Units

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Maximum rigidity and high capacity The extension of the Heal Force Ceiling supply units family are made of extruded aluminum. The unique structure developed by Heal Force guarantee hightest loads. Long life cycle and extended service interval focus on your cost containment and availably at all time. The internal diameter of the arms has been enlarged to enable safe insertion of cabling and also to anticipate a growing number of digital or analogical signals. Inovative LED lighting option In intensive care department, and at night, ease of use and safety are priorities. The ambient LED...

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/W Very Mobile The HL-M Trolley is the reliable partner for an efficient, fast and safe patient transport. With the HL-M Trolley these benefits are taken to areas in the hospital, where an ICU bed can’t go (e.g. examination rooms). Even without a Heal Force Ceiling supply unit, HL-M can now enhance the workflow at the patient side: The HL-M system enables use of the system’ s main unit anytime and anywhere. Simplified and tailored planning Configurations such as the size of the modules, the type and position of the socket, the initial height of accessories can all be adjusted to create the...

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Customer-orientedphilosophy Today’s hospitals face increasingly stressful situations and complex tasks everyday, which require delivering quality care as efficient as possible. Keeping this in mind, the beam-based ceiling supply units developed by Heal Force can easily create workpalce with meeting the needs of patients and nursing staff in the ICU, NICU and Recovery. Beam-based ceiling supply units Heal Force beam systems are known for • Easy handling and positioning of medical devices • Ergonomic & attractive design • Steady & reliable suspension system • Smooth moving gliders for...

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Accessories 6 | Ceiling Supply Units

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Arm-based Technical data Ceiling mounting_ Service Components*_ -Vertical type (height)_ -Horizontal type (height)_ Swiveling range Lifting speed** and max. height Adjustment for Marm Mark of Conformity Safety Mounting on concrete ceiling uses heavy duty anchors (Other construction also possible) 600mm, 820mm and their combinations_ Non-height adjustable / Height adjustable_ 8 electric outlets, 6 gas outlets /12 electric outlets, 8 gas outlets 8 electric outlets, 6 gas outlets /12 electric outlets, 8 gas outlets 770mm_ 8 electric outlets/ 6 gas outlets_ According to Annex II of the...

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