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Heal Force Heal Force specialises in the design, development, manufacture and sales of laboratory equipments in the fields of Biosafety protection, Centrifugation, Cell culture, Water purification & Gene amplification. Heal Force brand stands for safety, ergonomics and performance. Taking advantage of a heritage from over 25 years experience, Heal Force offers safety features, options and accessories beyond the standard requirements, to fulfill different needs. Thousands of units installed in laboratories in more than 100 Countries. Centrifuge Neofuge, the name that defines quality centrifuges from Heal Force. Offering bench-top high speed models with or without refrigeration for today’ s discerning laboratory technicians. Neofuge series provide excellent centrifugal effect and maximum application versatility. C02/Tri-Gas Incubator Heal Force Smart Cell incubator provides you with natural simulation to ensure optimum growth conditions for you culture at all time. That’s why it is widely used in fields of application including tissue engineering, in vitro fertilization, neuroscience cancer research and other mammalian cell researches. Water Purification Well-proved Heal Force water purification system offers ideal and comprehensive solution for a choice of water qualities that range from primary for simple routine washing and rinsing, through to ultra-high grade for different critical science and analytical applications. Thermal Cycler Since PCR is central for molecular biology research, you need flexible solutions that can help you achieve PCR success for virtually any application. Heal Force has been developing new cycling platforms from economical option to advanced series to empower your search. These instruments are renowned for their reliability, accuracy, and user-friendly interfaces. Clean benches Adopts dual monitoring breeze speed sensors to provide safer protection for samples. Low temperature cold chain products Provide -80 C ultra-low temperature refrigerator, -40 C/-25 C low temperature refrigerator, 2-8 C medicine storage box. Information is subject to change and/or updating without notice © 2020 Heal Force. For internal use only Heal Force leads you to healthier life

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Quick overview of rotors family for centrifuge Neofuge 13 Multi CPU Control System Because of the adaptation of multi microprocessor, the operation process become easy and straight away. Reliable working condition can be guaranteed. RPM / RCF Switch Function Rotary Speed or RCF can be chosen to pre-set in order to facilitate various requirements in different condition. Two Time-counting Functions Running time can be counted down at the system start or at the Max. RPM/RCF achieved to meet different needs. Quick Spin Function Press ‘Quick spin’ key for short running, the rotary speed will...

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Heal Force high speed laboratory centrifuge is approved by multiple certifications The Neofuge 13 and 13R refrigerated centrifuge provide excellent solution for your sample preparation and experiment requirements Larger LCD display Vivid display of Rotary speed, RCF, Temperature, Time-counting, Rotor model, Acceleration / Deceleration curve The design of Smart knob Ergonomically sized touchpad controls with a smart knob improve easy use in daily operation 3 shortcut keys for stored setting A collection of pre-set values can be saved for quick and easy loading Real-time modification of...

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Centrifuge - 4

Automatic rotor identification Different rotors are identified automatically by the control center. The system indicates alarm signal in cases of following conditions: setting speed exceeding limit, empty running without rotors, and failure of rotor identification Introduction Heal Force Neofuge 15 and its refrigerated counterpart, the Neofuge 15R offer the functionality of three centrifuges: high-capacity, general-purpose centrifuge for cell harvesting; a high-speed centrifuge for separating cell lysates; and a microcentrifuge for DNA precipitations. They are widely used in routine...

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Neofuge 15R Technical Specifications Fixed-angle rotor Swing-out rotor Plate rotor Max, capacity Fixed-angle rotor Swing-out rotor Rotor options Accel./Braking curves Refrigerant_ Power supply Rated power_ Featuring powerful, maintenance-free motors, Centrifuge Neofuge 23R accommodates a variety of rotors and spins plates / tubes from 0.2 ml to 4 x 180 ml at low-to-high speeds for a wide range of applications. Induction drive without carbon brushes Noise at max, speed Temperature range Main features Quick-spin, RPM/RCF swift Rotor recognition Imbalance detection Dimensions(W*D*H) (mm) Net...

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Centrifuge - 6

Specification Order NO. Packed/unit Max. Radius Max. RCF #2306 Fixed angle rotor/6x50ml, ssoorpm, 9532xg,45 °(rotor #2307 incl. 6pcs 50ml conical adaptors) Adaptor Capacity Type Diameter Length Tube qty/rotor Specification Order NO. Packed/unit Max. Radius Max. RCF Centrifuge tube Specification Order NO. Packed/unit Max. Radius Max. RCF #2303 Fixed angle rotor/ i6xi6mi, i7000rpm, 3i665xg,23° Adaptor Specification Order NO. Packed/unit Max. Radius Max. RCF $2307 Swing-out rotor / 4*180ml, SOOOrpm, 4863*g,90° (rotor #2307 incl. 4 aerosol-tight standard buckets) Centrifuge tube Capacity Type...

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User-friendly operation - The large back-lit LCD display panel and easy-to-clean soft keypad on the Neofuge 23R have been designed ergonomically. - All essential information is clearly positioned and perfectly legible - most values can even be changed during centrifugation. .•lift. Q Q U u Set Temp Sot Curve - P1,P2,P3 shortcut function button for easy access to three frquently used programs. - Ten fixed angle, swinging bucket, microliter rotors for all common tubes from 0.2 to 180ml - All rotors are ultraduralumin, aerosol-tight and fully autoclavable (20 min, 121 °C) - Flexible adaptors...

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Centrifuge - 8

#2302 Fixed angle rotor/24x2.0ml, uooorpm, 28iiixg,45° Adaptor Centrifuge tube Capacity Type Diameter Length Tube qty/rotor Specification Order NO. Packed/unit Max. Radius Max. RCF #1807 Fixed angle rotor/ 48x2ml, 15000rpm, 23646xg,45° A daptor__ Capacity Type Diameter Length Tube qty/rotor Specification 1.5/2ml round 011mm 47mm Centrifuge tube #2304 Fixed angle rotor/6*94mi, i2000rpm, i626ixg,26° Adaptor Capacity Type Diameter Length Tube qty/rotor Specification Centrifuge tube #1601 Fixed angle rotor/8x8xo.2mi, i3000rpm, i3604xg,45° Adaptor Capacity Type Diameter Length Tube qty/rotor...

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