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Life Science Heal Force AlphaClean 1300 Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Benches

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The next level of cleanliness Heal Force biosafety cabinets and laminar flow clean benches set the standard in quality, design, and innovation that comes from a heritage of over 25 years’ experience. At Heal Force we know how important it is to offer high level of protection to operator, sample and environment with advanced technology. With an extensive trace record of safety, reliability and performance, Heal Force cabinets and benches make an idea investment for a wide range of applications.

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Clean bench/AlphaClean 1300 - 3

We know how important to design a product in compliance with current worldwide safety standards. There are three widely recognized global standards for BSC performance; EN12469:2000(European standard), NSF/ANSI 49 (American standard) and YY0569 (Chinese standard). NSF/ANSI 49 HFsafeLC series are independently tested and certified to NSF/ANSI 49, By NSF International, a leading testing agency in the USA. EN12469 Our Class II type A2 biological safety cabinets are independently tested and certified to EN12469 standard by TUV Nord, a leading testing agency in Europe YY0569 Heal Force, as a...

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Clean bench/AlphaClean 1300 - 4

What makes AlphaClean superior? AlphaClean clean benches are ideal for a wide range of applications where sample protection is required. Energy Efficiency From the motor controller to lighting , a new patent-pending innovations provide significant annual costsavings while maintaining superior performance Proven reliability Outstanding safety is assured through a variety of core components and features to improve cleanliness Outstanding comfort With several thoughtful features, from the view screen to the work environment and ergonomic design © Blower Automatically compensates for normal...

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Clean bench/AlphaClean 1300 - 5

Laminar airflow over the working area takes containment to new levels, ensuring your safety Smart and self-induced motor monitors and controls fan speed in real-time to maintain constant airflow during filter loading and temporary obstruction Patented Flow-SaFe technology consumes less energy, reduces heat output and operates quietly Filter life indicator is designed to measure filter life span according to actual condition of membrane Visual and acoustic alarm for indication of unsafe airflow conditions and window position Interlocking safety mechanism is set between UV lamp and...

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Clean bench/AlphaClean 1300 - 6

Enhanced comfort and convenience Counterbalanced sliding sash can be raised to a maximum height for easy introduction of large items The position of the light tubes ensure excellent illumination over the whole working zone and reduces operator fatigue. Knee Clearance

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Clean bench/AlphaClean 1300 - 7

UV Decontamination Programmable automatic UV light timer simplifies operation while extending UV lamp life and saving energy. Powerful UV irradiation illuminates entire work area, design to ensure thorough disinfection of the complete chamber UV lamp with interlocking safety switch allowing operation only when blower and fluorescent light are off and sash is fully closed Easy to Clean The clean bench work zone has no welded joints to collect contaminants or rust. Details of cabinet developed further to ensure easier cleaning with normal cleaning solvents Airflow laminator protects the...

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Clean bench/AlphaClean 1300 - 8

Service Access & Validation AIT services, adjustments and filter change is carried out from the front of the cabinet. Service Access Help for certifiers, the unique maintenance assembly opens to a fixed position, providing front service access. Consequently, the cabinet can remain in situ without making any positional changes in your laboratory or having to disconnect any ducting. All service is performed from the front of the cabinet, including: Change of HEPA filters: Fluorescent lamps UV lamps Adjustment or change of circuit boards and sensors All adjustments to alarms, fan speeds, are...

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Clean bench/AlphaClean 1300 - 9

Standards Compliance Biosafety Cabinets IEST-RP-CC002.2, Worldwide Air Quality ISO 14644.1, Class 5, worldwide Filtration EN-1822, Europe/ IEST-RP-CC001.3, Worldwide/ IEST-RP-007, Worldwide/ IEST-RP-CC034.1, Worldwide Electrical Safety EN61010-1, Europe/ IEC61010-1, Europe Comprehensive performance testing Verifies the hood is providing the proper air balance to protect the product from contamination Integrity Testing of HEPA filters Assures the existing HEPA filters are free of leaks and are properly sealed to prevent leakage or possible contamination to the work area Non-Viable Particle...

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Clean bench/AlphaClean 1300 - 10

6.Water-proof electrical outlet 7 Main power switch ^Adjustable Lever 9 Universal Wheel 10.Microprocessor control system 11.Fluorescent light 12 UV light 13 Toughened glass sliding door 14 Sash lock 15 Stainless steel single-piece work tray

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Clean bench/AlphaClean 1300 - 11

Nominal Size External Dimensions with Base Stand (WxDxH) Internal Work Area, Dimensions (WxDxH) Internal Workspace (Area) HEPA filter size (WxDxH) Prefilter size (WxDxH) Airflow Vertical Velocity * Vertical Volume Supply Filter Type_ HEPA Glass fibre fleece Separability in MPPS Separability at 0.3um particle size Cleanliness in Work Area No. of Sedimentated Bacteria Colony Sound Emission (Typical)* Fluorescent Light Intensity Excellent light distribution Fluorescent Light Power and Number UV Lamp Power and Number RMS Cabinet Construction Main Body Side Walls_ Work Zone Window Material...

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Clean bench/AlphaClean 1300 - 12

Heal Force Laboratory Equipment Heal Force specialises in the design, development, manufacture and sales of laboratory equipments in the fields of Biosafety protection, Centrifugation, Cell culture, Water purification & Gene amplification. Biosafety Cabinet Heal Force brand stands for the highest standards of safety, ergonomics and performance. Taking advantage of a heritage from over 25 years experience, Heal Force offers safety features, options and accessories beyond the standard requirements, to fulfill virtually all needs. Thousands of units installed in laboratories in more than 100...

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