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EB05 For standard and Argon-enhanced electrosurgery Electrosurgery El Ele with wit powerful elegance

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EB05 - 2

Product overview EB05 is a versatile system designed to deliver standard and argon-enhanced electrosurgery. It features 10 different power setting, 9-channel program memory, max.400 watt floating output and optional Argon-enhanced system to give optimal cutting and coagulation with minimal tissue damage, which well combines safety and effectiveness for a broad range of electrosurgical needs, like General surgery, Cardiology, ENT surgery, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Laparoscopy, Neuro surgery, Plastic surgery, Thoracic surgery and Urology (like TURP, TUVP). Up to 9-channel setting memory...

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EB05 - 3

Cutting mode Max. power output (watts) Load (ohms) Open circuit Vp-p Crest factor Accessory & supply connection Finger-switch pencil Foot-switch pencil Patient return electrode Foot-switch AC power supply Equipotential bonding Power feature Rate frequency Isolated output Quantitative display of contact area Contact area indicator lamp Split/solid neutral electrode definition Adjustable alarm volume Operational duty cycle Cooling method Type according to EN 60601-1 Protection class to EN 60601-1 Classification acc.to MDD 93/42/EEC Dimension (WxDxH) 2 1 1 1 1 1 512 kHz...

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EB05 - 4

Optional electrosurgical Accessories *All specifications and figures are subject to change without notice * If the accesorries you need are not listed here, please consult our international distributors or sales representatives 7NZ-310180-100 Bipolar forceps without cable, bayonet-shaped, Tip 1mm/Size 200mm Reusable 7LX-190110-00R Connecting cable for bipolar forceps, 3 meters Reusable NGD-020 Foot-switch for foot-switch pencil and bipolar forceps Reusable 7DJ-150110-00S Blade electrode, 70mm shaft, sterile Disposable 7DJ-150120-00S Needle electrode, 70mm...

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EB05 - 5

Argon plasma coagulation system Why Argon-plasma spray? • Non-flammable operation with lower burn risk • Less surgical smoke allowing clear visibility into operating area • No contact and adhesion to tissue • Immediate and uniform hemostasis of large-area bleeding surface • Thinner and flexible eschar for shorter recovery time and lower rebleeding risk • Minimal risk of perforation with low penetration depth (for surgery of parenchymatous organs like liver, kidney and spleen) • Particular advantage for endoscopic and open surgical procedures General surgery

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EB05 - 6

• Two gas tank connections • Automatic tank switch with low pressure trigger • Automatic hose-purge after changing tank and blockage detection • Low argon flow (0.5~4 L/min) for endoscopic application • High argon flow (0.5~12 L/min) for open surgery • Gas failure alarm with audible and visual indication • Intuitive error code display for troubling shooting Specification General Dimension (WxDxH) 555x410x155 mm (L x W x H) Power supply AC 220 VAC ±10% , 50HZ±2% Temperature (Work/Storage) Relative Humility (Work/Storage) < 80% / < 95% Atmospheric pressure (Work) 700~1060 hPa...

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