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EST-1 Electro-Hydraulic Operating table For smooth & effcient t positioning

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Product overview EST-1 is an electro-hydraulic operating table designed to meet universal surgical-positioning needs, like in Neurology, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Urology, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Hand & Arm surgery…… Its no-crossbar design allows for easy access to patient from both sides, 296-mm longitudinal shift provides bigger irradiated area but leaves minimal dead space, which makes EST-1 a excellent solution for those procedures that incorporate X-ray imaging application, such as knee arthroscopy. With corded remote or override control system, EST-1 can be set up smoothly and...

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- Radio-lucent table top bl - Replaceable table pad, latex-free and easy to clean. le EST-1 Specification Table Length Table Width Table Height (Raised/lowered) Trendelenburg / Reverse-trendelenburg Lateral tilt (right/left) Back plate (up/down) Head plate (up/down) Flex / Reflex Longitudinal shift Patient weight Input power

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Typical Accessories Order No.: SSTFJ-60-00 - Lateral armboard (for prone, neuro, lateral and chair positions), padded - Mounting clamp included Surgery Example - Thoracic surgery - Kidney/Ureter surgery - Plastic surgery Order No.: SSTFJ-20-00 - Armboard with ball-joint, horizontal and vertical adjustment 360 degrees, padded, sold in pairs - Mounting clamps included Order No.: SSTFJ-40-00 - Lateral support (or called Body support, - Lateral Brace), padded, sold in pairs. Mounting clamps included Typical Accessories Order No. : SSTFJ-250-00 - Drain pan for gynecology and urology. Surgery...

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Gel pads and Positioner For better access to surgical site and minimal risk of decubitus ulcer (or called “bedsore”) Prone Head Rest Ring-Shaped Head Rest Horseshoe-Shaped Head Rest Supine Head Rest Contoured Headrest Headrest for Thyroid Gland Postioning General purpose General purpose Lateral Body support Wrist protection strap Elbow protection strap Order No. Prone Chest support Contoured Armrest Table cover pad ( 3 sections in one package) Rectangular Gel Pad for general purpose Head section Back & Seat section 1000x500x15 mm 1 pc D-shaped Gel pad for general purpose Heel protection pad...

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Since established in 1989, Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Group, as a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of medical, healthcare and laboratory product, has expanded its business across whole China and other 120 countries. Over decades, we work closely with medical professionals locally and internationally to provide complete operating theatre solution and service to help improve surgical condition and procedures, keep sharing our experience and know-how in operating theatre construction, preoperative preparation, anesthesia delivery, surgical operation, intra-operative to...

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