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Heal Force Heal Force OR Series

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Operating Table (Electro-Hydraulic) Longitudinal Shift High quality Materials Stability Up to 296mm longitudinal shift for Stainless steel table body, seemless Flexible movement on 6-inch casters C-Arm use PUR pad as well as high quality and stable brake with pedal control hydraulic system Accessory Compatibility Head Support System Dual-control System Side rails for various accessories Head support system providing patient Dual-control system of both corded mounting including orthopedic with various comfortable positions. handset and the panel on table column. X-ray Compatibility Leg Plate...

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Various Surgical Positions General Surgery Sitting Position for Neurological Surgery Thoracic Surgery Urologic & Gynaecological Surgery Minimally Invasive Surgery Anorectal Surgery Multi-direction & Multi-angle Adjustment

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Heal Force leads you to healthier life Operating Table (Electro-Hydraulic) Technical Specifications Table Height Adjustment Range Longitudinal Shift Tred nel en b u rg/R evers e Tred n el eb u rg Tilt Left/Right Back Rest Adjustment Head Rest Adjustment Load Capacity Power Supply Input Power Operation Table Series Nison Instrument (Shanghai) Limited International Sales Office: Floor 15. No.2 Hua Shan Road, Shanghai 200040. P.R.China Teh +66 21 62728646 E-mail: export ©heal force, com

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