Heal Force Electrosurgical Generator EB03 [EN]


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EB03 For standard and under-water electrosurgery Electrosurgery of Sophisticated Versatility

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Product overview New EB03 electrosurgical generator comes up with two version "Grey" and "White". The twin systems allow for the same mono & bipolar working modes but with different power range. She has integrated 7 different monopolar and bipolar modes, tissue responding and automatic return electrode monitoring to give intuitive indication of potential burn risk, which enables highly efficient and safe surgical cutting and coagulation through all types of tissue. Features Smaller footprint Soft coag. Bipolar coag. The new EB03 has optimized the structural design and reduced weight and...

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Heal Force Electrosurgical Generator EB03 [EN] - 3

Optional electrosurgical Accessories *All specifications and figures are subject to change without notice * If the accesorries you need are not listed here, please consult our international distributors or sales representatives Ordering No Description Remark 7SB-150100-00S Finger-switch pencil Disposable 7SB-150102-00S Foot-switch pencil Disposable 7SB-150105-00R Finger-switch pencil Reusable 7SB-150107-00R Foot-switch pencil Reusable 7NZ-310180-100 Bipolar forceps without cable, bayonet-shaped, Tip 1mm/Size 200mm Reusable 7LX-190110-00R Connecting cable for bipolar forceps, 3 meters...

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Technical specification Cutting mode Max. power output (watts) Load (ohms) Open circuit Vp-p Crest factor Coagulation mode Standard 50w (grey) / 50w (white) 100 600 v 1.5 Accessory & supply connection Patient return electrode 1 Surgical smoke evacuator 1 (but surgical smoke evacuator is optional) Power feature Rate frequency Isolated output Quantitative display of contact area Contact area indicator lamp Split/solid neutral electrode definition Adjustable alarm volume Operational duty cycle Cooling method 512 kHz (110/240vAC, 60/50Hz) YES YES, for "Split" type of neutral electrode 10 lamps...

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