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Heal Force Hospital ICU Bed - 2

- The bed frame is made of aluminium alloy 6063 treated with anodic oxidation and powder coating. Fiber glass-made, ergonomic pressure disperser - Drive motors are IPX4 certified and meet IP66 protection requirement. - Comprehensive positioning set-up allows for great comfort to facilitate rehabilitation and recovery process. - One-scrape on the remote to activate or lock positioning operation. - Specially designed pressure dispensing module to prevent bedsore.

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Heal Force Hospital ICU Bed - 3

Multi Positions Backplate upward Normal position Bed plate forward (Head) Notes: Feet controlled brake. Fiber glass-made, ergonomic. Such design will disperse pressure from patient body, more comfortable. One-scrape to lock or activate. Dark brown Bedside cupboard(Optional) Lifting table(Optional)

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Heal Force Hospital ICU Bed - 4

Backplate upward: 75°±5° Thigh plate upward: 45°±5° Lower leg upward: 20°±5° Bed plate forward: 18°±5° Bed plate backward: 18°±5° ICU Beam-based ceiling supply units Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Group Heal Force International Trading(Shanghai) Co., Ltd 16th Floor, Building B, SOHO Zhongshan Plaza, 1065 West Zhongshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200051,China Tel +86 21 62728646, Email export@healforce.com, Fax +86 21 62728646 www.healforce.com Information is subject to change and/or updating without notice © 2016 Heal

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