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Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Group 6788 Songze Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai 201706, RR. China Tel: +86 21 62728646, Email: export@healforce.com, Fax: +86 21 62710529 www.healforce.com Information is subject to change and/or updating without notice ©2019 Heal Force. CL-NISON-EN-MEDICALEQUIPMENT-OR-SSC-20200111 Heal Force Leads You to Healthier Life

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Electro-hydraulic Operating Table HFease600 HFease600 riedro hydraulic Operating Table | 2 Motorized Back Plate HFease600 Electro-hydraulic Operating Table Impressive improvements on functional performance, user interaction and opeartional safety make HFease600 a truely universal operating table, which offers effective solutions for the widest variety of requirments in the OR. Stable Valley-shaped Base: Solid and stable valley-shaped base is suitable for low-position MIS surgeries, like plastic, neurosurgery and ophthalmic surgeries. HFease600 Specification: Table Length Table Width Table...

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Electro-hydraulic Operating Table HFease400 HFease400 riectro-hydraullc Operating Table | 4 HFease400 series Electro-hydraulic Operating Table HFease400 Series operating tables are tailered to a variety of positioning requirements from different suigical disciplines.You always find the one from HFease400 Series that meet your demands perfectly, no matter during ENT, ophthalmological, endoscopic, or any other procedures. Interchangeable leg and head section give bigger irradiated area for C-arm use. Optional pedal control for ENT, MIS and endoscopic procedures. Extremely low table top about...

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5 tlcctro-hydraullc Operating lable | EST-1 EST-1 Specification Four-stand base of great stability. High mobility with front-ended release and brake control. - Detachable Head section for wrist support or head fixation (ophthalmology or neurology) - Detachable Leg section for orthopedic extension HFease200 Specification Integrated kidney elevator 0-120mm height adjustment. Longitudinal shift up to 296 mm, gives easy access of device to patient Operating table tops are made of phenolic plastics. It can provide extremely high X-ray transmission Highly maneuverable trolley with front-ended...

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General Accessories Armboard with ball-joint Leg supports -Knee crutch, padded, sold in pairs -Mounting clamps included -Sold in pairs Lateral armboard - Lateral armboard (for prone, neuro, lateral and chair positions), padded - Mounting clamp included Shoulder support -Padded, sold in pairs -Mounting clamps included h M Carbon fibre extension board -Carbon fibre operating plate -For X-ray imaging raumatoio Mayo instruments stand k/ Lower extremity extension -With 4-caster accessory cart -(Traction height, distance and direction adjustable) Relton frame Neurology Accessories Wrist rest -To...

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Pressure Management Select Guide Position SUPINE PRONE LATERAL LITHOTOMY Typical applicatioi Body part Order No._Product description Brief guide for surgical positioning with gel pads (for ^ reference only).Please refer to surgical professionals' x Recmisurgery

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