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Heal Force Heal Force OR Series Operating Table (Mechanical Hydraulic)

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HFease100 - 2

Heal Force leads you to healthier life 4-section design to meet different requirements of surgi- Stable hydraulic system with square column, high load- Operating Table (Mechanical Hydraulic) Applicable for using X-ray and C-arm Detachable moisture-proof polyurethane pads, optional for latex foam (slow rebound] pads

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HFease100 - 3

Foldabis back and wrist piale lo cone position, fit for kidney surgery

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HFease100 - 4

Heal Force leads you (o healthier life Operating Table (Mechanical Hydraulic) Technical Specifications Max. Table Length (Inc. Head Plate & Leg Plates) Max. Table Width (Back Plate Only) Lowest Table Level Highest Table Level Lifting Distance Forward/Backward Leaning Angle Left/Right Leaning Angle Upward/Downward for Back Plate Upward/Downward for Head Plate Upward/Down ward/Outward for Leg Plates Load Capacity_ Mechanical hydraulic Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Group Nison Instrument (Shanghai) Limited International Sales Office: Floor 15, No. 2 Hua Shan Road. Shanghai 200040, P.R.China

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