HFease400 Electro-Hydraulic Operating table


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HFease400 Electro-Hydraulic Operating table For standard & ergonomic i nomic low-height positioning ng g

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HFease400 Electro-Hydraulic Operating table - 2

Product overview HFease400 is an electro-hydraulic operating table designed to meet universal surgical-positioning needs, like unive in Neurology, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Urology, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Hand & Arm surgeries, etc. Sur For ergonomic convenience, the low-height version of HFease400 is specially developed for those Ophth procedures requiring lower table height, like in Neurology, Ophthalmology, ENT, laparoscopic and other minimal access surgeries. Both systems are equipped with high-performance electroelectro-hydraulic lift systems, height and position can be easily set...

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HFease400 Electro-Hydraulic Operating table - 3

Typical Accessories Order No.: SSTFJ-60-00 - Lateral armboard (for prone, neuro, lateral and chair positions), padded - Mounting clamp included Surgery Example - Thoracic surgery - Kidney/Ureter surgery - Plastic surgery Order No.: SSTFJ-20-00 - Armboard with ball-joint, horizontal and vertical adjustment 360 degrees, padded, sold in pairs - Mounting clamps included Order No.: SSTFJ-40-00 - Lateral support (or called Body support, Lateral Brace), padded, sold in pairs. - Mounting clamps included Typical Accessories Order No. : SSTFJ-250-00 - Drain pan for gynecology and urology. Surgery...

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HFease400 (Standard) Operating table HFease400 (Low position) Operating table HFease400 Specification Model Name Table Length Table Width Table Height (Raised/lowered) Trendelenburg / Reverse-trendelenburg Lateral tilt (right/left) Back plate (up/down) Head plate (up/down) Flex / Reflex Patient weight Input power Heal Force OR series-surgical positioning family Pic Table Model. Lifting system Surgery type Universal use (especially for imaging) Universal use (especially for surgeries requiring low height, like neurology, ENT, ophthalmology, laparoscopic surgery…) Universal use

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