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Heal Force Heal Force Laboratory Equipment Laboratory Centrifuge

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Neofuge 23R - 2

Heal Force leads you to healthier life Laboratory Centrifuge Heal Force Neofuge 23R laboratory centrifuges, providing excellent centrifugal effect and easy to use with high reliability and safety, are widely used in the fields of molecular and biochemical research, • Refrigerated by CFC-free unit (R404a), temperature • Maximum speed at 23,300rpm & maximum RCF at • Easy control for parameter setting & precise control • Electronic imbalance detection • Automatic rotor identification • Low noise brushless drive motor, free of maintenance • Precooling rotors function during standby • 9...

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Neofuge 23R - 3

Heal Force leads you to healthier life #2301 fixed angle rotor

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Neofuge 23R - 4

Heal Force Laboratory Equipment #2306 fixed angle rotor Rotor #2306 incl. 6 F08.50-04 adaptors

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Neofuge 23R - 5

Heal Force leads you to healthier life Simple & safe control With all essential status parameters are directly displayed on the LCD screen, the operator is very convenient to preset parameters such as speed, RCF, running time and chamber temperature. Locking protection is applied in Neofuge 23R to prevent any possible mistake in operation. Strong drive A "strong drive" equipped in Neofuge 23R brings the following benefits and conveniences Applicable for manual tube balancing Extremely low noise during running Sturdy and reliable for daily work Laboratory Centrifuge Counting down Real RCF...

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Neofuge 23R - 6

Heal Force leads you to healthier life Heal Force Laboratory Equipment Water Purification System Biological Safety Cabinet Information is subject to change and/or updating without notice. Copyright ©2013 Heal Force. All Rights Reserved.

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