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Life Science Instrument Water Purification System Reliable and Versatile

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Heal Force Water Purification System –Always meet your requirements Introduction Many laboratories require ultrapure/pure water every day. We understand how important it is for scientists to obtain a choice of water qualities that range from primary grade, for simple routine washing and rinsing, to ultrapure for the most critical science and analytical applications. Among others, Heal Force applied our expertise gained from years of innovation, to offer water purification systems that prepare water of various specified qualities as reliably, practically and cost-favourably as possible. This...

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Product finder We have developed the product finder to help you simply select the best model matched to your application needs. Smart-N Smart-NE Smart-P Super NW Super PW Easy Smart-E Super ROP Pureforce ROE Water quality Typical applications ASTM Type I ultrapure water BOD tests COD tests DNA microarrays Electrochemistry Elecrophoresis Enzyme immunoassays GC(Gas chromatography) GFAAS(Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry) HPLC(High Performance Liquid Chromatography) IC(Ion chromatography) ICPAES(Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry) ICPMS(Inductively...

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Technical Processes and Features Water purification is often a complex process that incorporates multiple technologies into a single purification system Patented Pretreatment Cartridge - Compression molding process prevents water leakage risk from your safety - Column is filled with active carbon integrally removing free chlorine in tap water - PP cotton removes particles, effectively guarding RO membrane from clogging - Strengthened pretreatment cartridge & water soften column is optional for hard water Reverse Osmosis Module - Highest quality DOW reverse osmosis systems with state of the...

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Purification Cartridge - Adoption of high quality precision grade resin - Dual-column design increases the ion exchange capacity of consumables and minimizes running costs Ultra-Purification Cartridge - Adoption of high quality nuclear grade resin - Polishing catridge removes ionic and organic contaminants below trace levels - Distinctive inner pressure structure design enables a closer contact of water and resin to achieve more effective exchange efficiency, and optimizes the column's processing capacity Ultra-Filtration Filter / Micro Filter - Effectively filter out endotoxin, proteins...

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More Featured Designs for Applications pplications Microprocessor Control - Fully automatic and self-diagnostic system monitors and controls working condition. d - PIN-coded access to software set points prevents unauthorized changes to operation or system nauthorized settings. Comprehensive Sanitization Unlike many other systems, Heal Force entire fluid pathway is included in the automated disinfection thway ed process ensuring complete sanitization. Module-designed Cartridges - High quality and economical due to disposable integrated purification column design. ed purification a o design....

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Contamination-Free Water Tank - Water level sensor combined with bottom pump enables 5-level automatic water production controls - Capacity of water reservoir includes 30L and 60L. Moreover, ultra big 350L Moreo available a water reservoir is available for special needs - The water reservoir is made through cylindrical mold and blow molding thro th rough velum lu process to avoid the generation of velum - PE material ensure low extractives - Overflo protection tube eliminates the risk of flooding Overflow risk Overflow - Cone shape bottom guarantees no stagnant water and facilitates easy...

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Smart Series Inspire the next generation of water purification system How Smart series differs from other compact class systems Simp Sim lest operat Simplest operation! - Just four contro keys allow for rapid operational readiness to Just u control impro e improve user experience prov ex - Everything else is automatically managed by the built-in Ev er v erything els micr microprocessor microprocessor control system - PIN-coded acce to software set points prevents unauthorized access changes to operation or system settings oper Rapi Rap d Rapid cartridge replacement! - One, two, three......

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Flexible dispensing! - Remote water dispenser with ergonomical design comforts your water delivery experiences. - The height and direction of dispenser is adjustable for different positions. Action radius is 25cm - The dispensing pistol can be removed from dispenser arm to expand your working area. - Full recirculation guarantees water quality at point-of-use - Auto-volume dispense from 50ml to 60 liters and repeat dispensing Clear information! The large easy-to-read LCD display affords the user optimal convenience, with indication on: - The temperature in °C - The temperature-compensated...

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Anion resin EDI know-how - Adoption of Electrodeionization (EDI) module brings benefits including lower Anion exchanger memebrane Cation exchanger memebrane energy consumption; lower maintenance cost; better ion exchange and no particulates or organic contamination - The Smart-NE/Smart-E models incorporates state-of-the-art Electrodeionization (EDI) technology to purify the water instead of only using Cation resin conventional ion exchange. - EDI is an electrically-driven water purification process which involves the use of Ion Exchange Resins and Ion Permeable Membranes. Resins are...

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Model Smart-N Type UV/VF Feed Water Requirement Source Tap water Conductivity* 400us/cm Hardness** 450ppm as CaCO3 Pressure 0.05~0.5MPa(7-72psi) Temperature 5~40 Purification Water(Class III) Ionic Rejection 95% Bacteria Rejection 99% Conductivity 1~20us/cm(RO-2 5us/cm) Productivity Rate 15L/h,30L/h High Quality Purification Water(Class II) Resistivity At 25 / TOC / Dissolved Organic / Ultrapurification Water(Class I) Resistivity At 25 18.2MΩ.cm Conductivity At 25 0.055us/cm TOC Level*** 1~5ppb Endotoxin(Pyrogens)**** -/ 0.001EU/ml Particulate(≥0.02um) 1pc/ml Bacteria*** 1cfu/ml Rnase /...

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