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Toplite-FII - 1

Toplite-F/G/P Surgery Shadowless Lamp - Extremely long working life - High quality light yield - Low heat generation - Ergonomical Design for efficiency - Adaptability to individual situation

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Toplite-FII - 2

Customer-oriented philosophy Complete operating room solution The quantum leap becomes especially apparent in modern operating room, with criteria for safety, efficiency and economy. Bringing expertise in surgical illumination and ceiling supply units, Heal Force offers integrated operating room systems throughout the industry for the benefit of patients and medical staff. Introduction Heal Force operating light systems provide superior performance to satisfy the ever-growing user needs in diverse surgical fields, including general surgery, micro sugery, E.N.T., OB/GYN, orthopedic and...

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Toplite-FII - 3

Shadow reduction control Up to 2000 reflector facets, designed by CAD/CAM, are applied in the reflector system to create homogeneous uniformly light beam projected to the surgical field. The vertical light column is not only as bright as daylight, it also free of hard shadows, and ensures excellent vivid vision, even if the surgeon block part of light source with head, shoulder and arms. Aerodynamic design offer little turbulence We understand a sterile working environment is pivotal in an operating room. The flat and compact design of the light head with a smooth and sealed surface reduces...

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Toplite-FII - 4

Maximum flexibility and efficiency Each lighthead is supported with our suspension arms systems with 6 universal 360 -rotatable joints*. The sterilisable handle and surrounding rail allow the lighthead to be positioned with ease. This provides unlimited mobility in order to make the surgery more smooth and easier. Optimum adjustment *not applied in Toplite-P series Optimum light quality The entire Toplite family always gives you the OR light you need. Cool, natural white light, comparable to daylight, let the surgeon differentiate down to smallest details in the surgical field. The enormous...

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Toplite-FII - 5

Always operational when needed (available with or without battery) Heat management A specially coated endothermic system built in Toplite family helps to absorb and obstruct most of the undesired infrared radiation generated in the light cone. A cool light without infrared reduces tissue desiccation(dehydration) to an absolute minimum, and avoids the problem of heating the area around the surgeon’ s head, providing a pleasant working A specially coated endothermic system environment, even for surgeries that last a long time. Durable and reliable with a backup solution Using the long-lasting...

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Toplite-FII - 6

Daylight-quality illumination Internal tissues and organs colors range form yellow to red. So color fidelity is a vital factor for surgical field illumination.Toplite incorporates the well-proved technology yielding color temperature of 42,00K with the highest color rendering index (CRI) of 95. It therefore reduces color distortion and distinguish clearly between a variety of tissues. Quick, intuitive and convenient operation You can control all functions quickly and intuitively via the easy-to-use soft key touch panel on the light head . The central handle controls the adjustment of the...

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Toplite-FII - 7

Arm-mounted Camera Wall-mounted Camera Built-in Camera Camera system (Optional) Camera in Toplite operating lights can either be integrated into the center of a light head, mounted on wall or installed on a separate suspension arm. This ensures an excellent view of the surgical site for any intervention. TFT Monitor support arm make it possible to position medical screen with large tilt and swivel ranges. Communication and information nowadays play a vital role in many surgical, endoscopic and other imaging interventions and procedures. Specifically, digital image documentation of surgical...

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Toplite-FII - 8

Technical data (Toplite-FII / Toplite-F) Toplite-FII Series & Type Toplite-F Light Source Technology Anodic oxidation, multi-facet reflection Blue theca plating, multi-facet reflection Dome Cover Explosion-proof, transparent PC plastic Explosion-proof, transparent PC plastic Shape Streamline shape, satisfying laminar flow purification requirement Universal 6-joint spring suspension arm Universal 6-joint spring suspension arm Back-up bulb system, explosion-proof, etc. Back-up bulb system, explosion-proof, etc. 120000~160000 140000~160000 4200±500 4200±500 Color Reduction Index (Ra) 90±5 90±5...

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