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Heal Force Biosafety Cabinet Heal Force brand stands for safety, ergonomics and performance. Taking advantage of a heritage from over 25 years experience, Heal Force offers safety features, options and accessories beyond the standard requirements, to fulfill different needs. Thousands of units installed in laboratories in more than 100 Countries. Water qu-il Centrifuge Neofuge, the name that defines quality centrifuges from Heal Force. Offering bench-top high speed models with or without refrigeration for today’ s discerning laboratory technicians. Neofuge series provide excellent centrifugal effect and maximum application versatility. C02/Tri-Gas Incubator Heal Force Smart Cell incubator provides you with natural simulation to ensure optimum growth conditions for you culture at all time. That’s why it is widely used in fields of application including tissue engineering, in vitro fertilization, neuroscience cancer research and other mammalian cell researches. Water Purification Well-proved Heal Force water purification system offers ideal and comprehensive solution for a choice of water qualities that range from primary for simple routine washing and rinsing, through to ultra-high grade for different critical science and analytical applications. Thermal Cycler Since PCR is central for molecular biology research, you need flexible solutions that can help you achieve PCR success for virtually any application. Heal Force has been developing new cycling platforms from economical option to advanced series to empower your search. These instruments are renowned for their reliability, accuracy, and user-friendly interfaces. Clean benches Adopts dual monitoring breeze speed sensors to provide safer protection for samples. M.iintin.ince l ,w to*y iw( Cdftiiclqr rep actual.! lecorl <..4endM Help U«*r p.isvworil Low temperature cold chain products Provide -80 C ultra-low temperature refrigerator, -40 C/-25 C low temperature refrigerator, 2-8 C medicine storage box. Water Remote Dispenser Information is subject to change and/or updating without notice ©2020 Heal Force. For internal use only Heal Force leads you to healthier life

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Always meet your requirements Water Purification Systems Table of Contents Heal Force Features What to look for in an ideal water purification system? Many laboratories require ultrapure/pure water every day. We understand how important it is for scientists to obtain a choice of water qualities that range from primary grade, for simple routine washing and rinsing, to ultrapure for the most critical science and analytical applications. Among others, Heal Force applied our expertise gained from years of innovation, to offer water purification systems that prepare water of various specified...

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Which system is best for you? Our Solution Water quality Typical applications Heal Force gives you MORE: Multiple technologies into a system A comprehensive sequence of water purification process A range of cartridges exist to remove specific types of contaminants Smart Plus N(T) Smart Plus NE(T) Smart Plus P(T) Smart Plus EP(T) Optimal for water quality guarantee o Resistivity monitoring for high-precision measurement of ionic concentration o TOC monitoring for prevention of organic breakthrough Water purification systems continue to evolve from basic laboratory equipment to sophisticated...

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Purification Cartridge Water purification is often a complex process that incorporates multiple technologies into a single purification system - Adoption of high quality precision grade resin - Dual-column design increases the ion exchange capacity of consumables and minimizes running costs Pretreatment Cartridge - Compression molding process prevents water leakage risk from your safety - Column is filled with active carbon integrally removing free chlorine in tap water - PP cotton removes particles, effectively guarding RO membrane from clogging - Strengthened pretreatment cartridge &...

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More Featured Designs for Applications Microprocessor Control - Fully automatic and self-diagnostic system monitors and controls working condition. - PIN-coded access to software set points prevents unauthorized changes to operation or system settings. Comprehensive Sanitization Unlike many other systems, Heal Force entire fluid pathway is included in the automated disinfection process ensuring complete sanitization. Module-designed Cartridges - High quality and economical due to disposable integrated purification column design. - Easy replacement and quick connection. High precision...

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Good quality feedwater is a basic requirement for the degree of purity of the water produced, as well as for the long service lives of all purification stages. - An additional measuring cell permanently monitors the conductivity of the feedwater. Any exceeding of the limiting value is immediately displayed. How Smart series differs from other compact class systems ? Simple operation! - Just four control keys allow for rapid operational readiness to improve user experience - Everything else is automatically managed by the built-in microprocessor control system - PIN-coded access to software...

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Smart Plus Anion resin Not just a bigger display. A better display It's one thing to make a bigger display. It's something else entirely to make a bigger touch display with brilliant colors and higher contrast at even wider viewing angles. Online TOC for prevention of organic breakthrough Constant real-time Total Organic Carbon(TOC) monitoring* allows you to verify that the system's organic contaminants removal process is operating within specifications -Adoption of Electrodeionization (EDI) module brings benefits including lower energy consumption; lower maintenance cost; better ion...

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Smart Plus N/NE Smart Plus - NE/NET Introduction Complete water purification solution for highly regulated applications. When your application requires the ultimate in water purity, Smart Plus provides the perfect solution. Consistently delivering water purity of 18.2MQ.cm and underpinned by the advanced technologies, the Smart Plus enables you to focus on attaining accurate results while ensuring an uninterrupted work flow. 2 Conductivity Sensor 3 Pre-treatment Module 8 Dual Wave UV Cartridge 12 Remote Water Dispenser 13 TOC monitor cell* Typical Scientific Applications o...

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