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Healthcare Outdoor The Acuity Brands® portfolio of outdoor lighting and controls can be tailored into a complete solution to meet specific requirements for every environment, from the pedestrian walkways to the top deck. Additionally, our solutions are designed with the newest energy codes and green parking standards in mind – allowing you not only to reduce costs but also achieve your efficiency, sustainability and green initiatives. Lighting with Care Solutions for Outdoor • Performing at or above industry standards, our solutions provide proper illumination for safety, way-finding and security. Cutting-edge LED luminaires with multiple control options provide intelligent lighting solutions with maximum performance and minimal operation cost. ROAM® – Networked Monitoring & Control for Outdoor Area Lighting • Save energy, reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve safety and manage risk through the use of advanced, networked lighting controls. Simple installation, flexible scheduling and remote monitoring ensure that lights are on when and where they are needed. Intelligent Lighting Control Strategies for Healthcare Facilities Can Maximize the Value of Your Lighting Design Remotely schedule on/off/dim time to shorten burn cycle and put the right amount of light in an area only at time it is needed. Lights turn on or off based on pre-set sensing of ambient light conditions. Lights turn on at pre-set ambient light sensing levels but go off or dim based on scheduled times set remotely by the user. Remotely adjust schedules for on/off/dim times based on published offsets from sunrise and sunset. Shorten the time lights are on without impacting public safety or lighting performance. Lighting With Care

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D-Series LED parking garage luminaire with XPoint™ Wireless D-Series Area Light LED parking garage luminaire VAP ARCHWAY™ PASSAGE™ LED parking garage Contemporary LED area luminaire D-Series Wall Mount Architectural bollard D-Series Bollard High performing, LED steplights for safety and security Façade & Landscape D-Series Flood PARÃTA Dynamic LED Flood Specification-grade color changing flood luminaires Blanca Spot Modular in-grade luminaires High performance, compact precision spot light Save More With Integrated Controls nLight Controls from Sensor Switch A digital lighting control...

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