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Photo courtesy of HDR Architecture, Inc.; © 2011 Ari Burling Lighting with Care THE BEST QUALITY LIGHTING SOLUTIONS FOR A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE

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Patient Experience, Caregiver Performance & Environmental Sustainability Are All Linked Lighting solutions for the healthcare environment serve the needs of any individuals with varying requirements. m From patient comfort to staffproductivity to energy usage, there are high demands for a quality lightingsolution. An Acuity Brands® lighting solution addresses these specific demandsby integrating efficient light sources with digital controls to create smarthealthcare environments. Patient Experience Lighting is an integral part of the patient experience. Quality lighting solutionsbalanced...

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Patient Experience Comfort & Well-being • Comfortable ambient lighting relaxes and soothes patients • Intuitive controls enable patients to adjust light levels to suit their needs and preferences • Natural lighting provides patients with a direct link to nature. This connection not only delivers a healing landscape, it also contributes to essential circadian rhythms Caregiver Performance Flexibility & Productivity • Well-designed lighting systems contributeto healthier and more productive environments • Simple and intuitive lighting controls allow visual tasks to be completed quickly, while...

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Percentage of Electricity Used in Hospitals* • Lighting is responsible for 42% of electricity used in inpatient hospitals • Hospitals use twice the energy of commercial office buildings • Healthcare buildings account for 11% of all commercial energy use in the U.S. The right lighting solution will reduceenergy consumption and minimize maintenance costs. * US Energy Information Administration, Electricity Consumption

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Lighting with Care Advanced lighting systems do more than illuminate a space; they can positively impact the patient experience while enabling staff members to perform the critical task of providing care in a healing and positive environment. In addition, lighting can provide valuable environmental cues to support wayfinding, and can also contribute to a feeling of safety and security. Acuity Brands provides lighting and controls solutions for providing lighting and controls solutions for: Renovation Lighting renovations enhance the visual environment, while maximizing campus-wide energy...

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Healthcare Illuminated At Acuity Brands, we're maximizing the potential of technology to create the best quality of lighting for every environment. With our industry-leading portfolio and proven expertise in indoor and outdoor luminaires, controls, components, LED lighting technology and daylighting, we deliver the broadest portfolio of integrated, intelligent solutions. Call your Acuity Brands representative today to discuss healthcare lighting solutions, or visit us online at solutions* light CONTROL SYSTEMS your product I our drtvt STMET LAMPS" PgPathway- /""i-Synergy LIGHTING CONTROLS...

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