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H Patient Rooms & Nursing Stations Credit: Geisinger Hospital for Advanced Medicine, Architecture/Interior/Lighting Design: EwingCole A holistic, layered approach to illuminating patient care areas can enhance the healing and nurturing environment. Lighting with Care Solutions for Patient Rooms & Nursing Stations • Studies indicate that increasing patient’s control of their environment can promote a sense of empowerment, which is correlated with positive outcomes. Adjustable lighting systems are also a perfect complement to rooms that utilize natural daylighting.1 Lighting within the patient room should easily enable exam and support activities. Nursing stations and alcoves should utilize lighting systems that minimize eye fatigue and strain. Patient safety and fall prevention best practices require night lighting in the patient room, ensuring visibility, orientation, and way-finding. Heightened attention to infection control practices and the influence of evidence-based design make touch-free illumination beneficial for hand-wash stations. Steptoe, A., & Appels, A. (Eds.). (1989). Stress, Personal Control, and Health Lighting With Care

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Patient Bed – Combining Ceiling & Wall-Mounted Fixtures for Improved Illumination Twin-troffer, ambient & exam system Direct/indirect recessed patient Patient headwall with integral troffer with exam function flip-top examination feature LDR LED Exam, specialty procedure recessed downlight Caregiver Comfort – Nurses Stations & Hallways Center-basket, volumetric LED troffer with embedded digital controls Twin indirect/direct, long-life LED with embedded digital controls Winline Cove LED Asymmetric cove lighting, dimming available Spectra LED Undercabinet solution with long-life LED source...

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