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H Public Spaces: Main Entrance, Lobbies, Corridors Credit: Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Architecture/Lighting Design: HDR Architecture Modern healthcare facilities need lighting for a broad range of applications, including entryways, corridors and cafeterias, as well as lounge and visitor areas. Patients, staff and visitors feel more at ease in a visual environment that uses layers of light to create welcoming, comfortable spaces. A Holistic Lighting Design for the Public Space Incorporates Daylight, Adaptive Controls & Luminaires • Building Entry & Atrium: Light levels should enable effective transitions from the outdoors and to adjacent indoor areas, utilizing available natural light. Easy-to-maintain luminaires are recommended in areas where high ceilings are featured. Main Corridor: Uniform illumination supports facility way-finding, while ensuring ample visibility for patient assessment. Cafeteria: Attractive ambient and task lighting systems create an inviting setting that encourages respite and reinvigoration. Accent lighting can highlight artwork and architectural features, providing additional visual interest and ambiance. Staff Lounge: Natural daylight and access to views can help to alleviate caregiver stress and fatigue. Intelligent, energy-efficient luminaires provide sufficient light levels for meals and personal tasks. Lighting With Care

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Cafeteria, Main Corridor, Staff Lounge, Building Entry & Retail Space Center-basket, volumetric LED troffer with embedded digital controls LED recessed architectural luminaire Integrated LED light source Incito Cylinders LED suspended and wall luminaires Decorative pendant, in fluorescent or LED sources Distinctive LED luminaire that delivers the finest in modern design and optical quality LED suspended and wall luminaires Comprehensive assortment of LED lamps Sleek LED wall sconce Precise, high-lumen cylinders, ideal for atria and corridors Curved, ADA-compliant sconce Contemporary and...

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