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Surgical Suites Lighting requirements for operating and procedure rooms consider both task and ambient illumination. To deliver quality lighting solutions within surgical suites, factors to consider are light levels and intensity, contrast ratios within the room’s activity zones, shadows, glare, reflectance, color temperature and color rendering. Luminaires and controls systems must also be designed to contain electromagnetic emission and filter radio frequency waves to avoid interference with electronic monitoring devices. Lighting with Care Solutions for Surgical Suites • Supplemental surgical lighting fixtures contribute to achieving the necessary contrast ratios as recommended by IES 10th Edition handbook Meets MIL-STD-46IF electromagnetic interference standards IP65 ingress protection option available HST LED Sealed Supplemental Operating Room Luminaires Lighting With Care

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Diagnostic & Imaging Rooms Lighting for patient comfort in radiology environments serves a special purpose. Imaging equipment utilized in these spaces can be intimidating, contributing to patient anxiety. Creating a positive, calming environment for the patient, while generating the appropriate light levels for care staff, can transform the patient experience. The Acuity Brands® indoor portfolio provides optimal lighting solutions to deliver the highest quality solution. Photo courtesy of HDR Architecture, Inc.; © 2011 Ari Burling Lighting with Care Solutions for Diagnostic & Imaging •...

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