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Heidelberg Edge Perimeter

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Heidelberg Edge Perimeter The Heidelberg Edge Perimeter (HEP) performs innovative functional testing of the visual system. Not only Standard Automated Perimetry (SAP), but also a NEW early detection test - Flicker-Defined Form (FDF; 1,2). HEP is a 2 in 1 perimeter! Now you have the best of both worlds – whether you are screening for disease or whether you are monitoring established glaucoma patients. HEP meets all state-of-the-art requirements for static perimetry in a space-saving, compact design. Rogers-Ramachandran D. et al.; Vision Research 1998;38:71-77. Flanagan JG. et al.; Perimetry...

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Stage-Specific Perimetry Visual field testing remains the main diagnostic tool to provide information about a patient’s visual function, quality of vision and quality of life. Functional testing supports clinicians in early disease detection, staging of disease or trend analysis in progressive glaucoma. 2-in-1 perimetry with HEP offers the most appropriate test for each stage of disease. It allows you to offer the right stimulus to your patient at the appropriate stage of disease. Flicker-Defined-Form Perimetry Standard Automated Perimetry Standard Automated Perimetry (SAP) or...

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Standard Tests HEP is a monitor-based perimeter designed to test central and peripheral vision. It offers a full set of standard tests for the central 10°, 24° and 30° visual field as well as an extension to the periphery up to 60° (100 points). Thresholding Strategies The Heidelberg Edge Perimeter uses three different kinds of Adaptive Staircase Thresholding Algorithm (ASTA) strategies covering a broad range of applications. The ASTA Standard algorithm for baseline examinations uses a 4-2-2 staircase approach as well as neighboring test target information and a quick termination...

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HEP - 5

Trend Analysis HEP´s Functional Change Analysis (FCA) applies existing knowledge of the random variability of visual field analyses and flags progressive visual field loss that exceeds the normal level of repeatability. FCA is compatible with ASTA Standard and ASTA Follow-Up examinations. The FCA is the first trend analysis to provide information on significant change in probability maps for Total Deviation as well as for Pattern Deviation. Easy-to-read symbols are used to indicate a worsening visual field and assist with interpretation. FCA is the only trend analysis that can either...

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