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HEINE Hand-held Ophthalmic Instruments

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HEINE® HSL  50 Hand-held Slit Lamp 1 Uncompromisingly compact.

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003 [ HEINE® HSL 150 | HAND-HELD SLIT LAMP ] [ HEINE HSL  50 HAND-HELD SLIT LAMP ] 1 HSL  50 features bright, white XHL Xenon 1 Halogen illumination comparable in intensity with the best static slit lamps for examination of the anterior segment. The compact, ergonomic design provides instant loupe alignment of the slit image for comfortable operation. HSL  50 provides a 10 mm x 0,2 mm up to 1 14 mm x 4 mm slit image for direct focal illumination with an optical section. The ideal alternative for examinations where a static slit lamp is not available or practical to use. This hand-held slit...

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HEINE® LAMBDA 100 Retinometer Unique design.

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[ HEINE LAMBDA  00 RETINOMETER ] 1 HEAD ONLY The first compact instrument for assessing potential visual acuity of patients with cataracts and other opacities. LAMBDA 100 – clinically tested with excellent results. * with acuity scale 20 / 300 to 20 / 25 (scale 2) ** with acuity scale 0.06 to 0.8 (decimal scale 1) Simple, easy-to-use controls. Reliable diagnosis, easy to operate. The instrument fits onto battery- or rechargeable handles. Complete mobility – no dependence on the slit lamp. Compact, lightweight (100 g). Can be used anywhere – even bedside. HEINE XHL Xenon Halogen Technology...

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The BETA 200 S is the first hand-held direct ophthalmoscope with a combination of aspherical optics and single-step diopter selection from – 36 D to +38 D for precise lens selection and a crisp, focused fundus image in all diagnostic situations. HEINE’s unique Aspherical Optical System uses the Gullstrand principle to separate the illumination and observation beams. Corneal and iris reflexes are avoided and a complete section of the retina is visible even with a small pupil. 7 apertures for diagnostic flexibility in both large and small pupils. Aspherical optics avoid corneal and iris...

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HEINE BETA® 200 Retinoscope A new benchmark.

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HEINE ParaStop for total precision in selecting a parallel beam. The retinoscope is used to measure the refractive error of the eye. Conditions such as long- and shortsightedness and astigmatism can be detected and measured. The BETA 200 Retinoscope with ParaStop and the latest in multi-coated optics provides an exceptionally-bright fundus reflex for improved accuracy of diagnosis. ParaStop was designed and developed to simplify precise selection of a parallel illumination beam. ParaStop helps to determine the cylinder axis more precisely and speeds up subsequent testing after refraction....

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HSL 150 Hand-held Slit Lamp for BETA or BETA SLIM handles HSL 150, without handle XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb Replacement filter attachment for HSL 150 Set complete with HSL 150 and BETA SLIM handle (slim, compact), with: BETA SLIM battery handle, in soft pouch, without spare bulb same, with HSL 10 x Loupe Attachment, spare bulb, in hard case BETA SLIM rechargeable handle and NT 300 charger, spare bulb, in hard case same, with HSL 10 x Loupe Attachment, in hard case Set complete with HSL 150, BETA handle (standard size) and spare bulb in hard case, with: BETA battery handle same, with...

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Set complete with BETA200S Ophthalmoscope, 1 spare bulb in hard case, with: BETA battery handle_ C-261.10.118 BETA200S Ophthalmoscope, without handle_ C-001.30.120 C-002.30.120 XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb X-001.88.069 X-002.88.070 BETA R rechargeable handle_ _ C-261.20.376 same, with Lithium-Ion battery C-261.27.376 BETA TR rechargeable handle and transformer C-261.20.384 same, with Lithium-Ion battery_ _ C-261.27.384 BETA NT rechargeable handle (NiMH) and NT300 charger_ _ C-261.20.420 same, with Q BETA L rechargeable handle with Lithium-Ion battery_ _ C-261.29.420 BETA200 Streak...

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HEINE SUBSIDIARY COMPANIES HEINE REPRESENTATIVES A company makes history and gives a name to outstanding product quality: HEINE. Founded in 1946, family owned, rich in tradition and today international market leader in a complete range of diagnostic instruments. HEINE products meet the relevant international standards (ISO/IEC) and represent the leading edge in precision and ergonomic design. Ongoing dedication to research and development has created a solid and diverse technology base for continued quality and product leadership. Over 500 employees worldwide contribute to this success....

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