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Quality in a new light HEINE OMEGA® 500 Indirect Ophthalmoscope

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Our Best Indirect Ophthalmoscope is now twice as good: With LED- and XHL Technology -

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The focus remains providing the ultimate in Quality, Performance, and Flexibility. Ultimately you are investing in an Indirect Ophthalmoscope. For HEINE, the quality of your indirect system begins with the optics. The OMEGA 500 offers adjustments and flexibility not available in any other instrument, and utilizes the most durable materials to provide you with the performance and reliability you demand. STEREO VIEWS REGARDLESS OF THE PUPIL SIZE The OMEGA 500 gives you total freedom to adjust your optical alignment to maximize your view in all pupils. The exclusive synchronized convergence...

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XHL or LED? STILL THE STANDARD: HEINE XHL-TECHNOLOGY XHL RELIABLE, ACCURATE, FAMILIAR: HEINE XHL-TECHNOLOGY HEINE XHL Xenon-Halogen-Technology has set the standard for the evaluation of new light technologies because it offers the perfect colour rendering that health professionals have examined the eye with and depended on for decades. But now there is another illumination option that meets this standard: our new LED-Technology. Now you have a choice with no compromises: tried and true XHL, or LED in HEINE Quality. FUTURE CHANGE OF MIND NOT EXCLUDED Times are changing. Opinions too. And...

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Which is right for you? SEE THE EYES IN A NEW LIGHT: WITH HEINE LED COLOUR RENDERING The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) indicates how exactly colours are reproduced in comparison with daylight. The closer this value is to the maximum of 100, the more accurate the lighting system is. The OMEGA 500 with LED produces an excellent CRI value of 90, and is strong in its rendering of the colour red in particular, with a value of 75. Combined with a colour temperature of 4000 K, this means that should you choose LED or opt to change from XHL- to LED-Technology, the colour rendering remains almost...

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No Detail is Overlooked COMFORT BEGINS WITH THE FIT AND ERGONOMICS WORKING IN perfecT Balance The aim of the OMEGA 500 headband: maximum wearing comfort. Beginning with the inclined overband that reduces downward force which relieves strain on your neck muscles. The strong, malleable material and padding form to your anatomy for a soft, secure fit without pressure points. Flip-up System fOr eASY Communication The exclusive locking flip-up system of the headband has been developed to allow you to securely raise and lower your optics. The optics can be raised and securely fixed without...

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Power Your Way FLEXIBLE AND MODULAR POWER SYSTEM A SYSTEM FOR EVERY ENVIRONMENT Because of the quality of the OMEGA 500, it often accompanies its owner for a life time. From school and training, through to a practice or hospital environment. With the most complete and flexible power source offering, your OMEGA 500 will adapt to any environment. If your needs or requirements change, the power sources are modular and completely interchangeable. mPACK PORTABLE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY Rechargeable battery that you can wear clipped on your belt or in your pocket. :- Up to 20 hours of ON time with...

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RESEARCH, DEVELOP, TEST, REFINE. THEN INTRODUCE. HEINE Quality is what generations of doctors have relied on. For us, innovation means to listen to our users attentively and develop products that improve their every-day work. With this philosophy, we’ve continuously improved the indirect ophthalmoscope. We were the first to develop a synchronized convergence and parallax adjustment system which offers unmatched versatility. We were also the first to offer dustproof instruments that are more durable and maintenance free. We refuse to use our customers as product testers for the sake of being...

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