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Dermatoscopes - 1

Dermatoscopes MOre dEtails FOR aN even better diagnosis: POLARISATION, HIGH PERFORMANCE LEDs and HIGH RESOLUTION opticS. While the rate of new cases of malignant melanoma is increasing worldwide, m ­ ortality rates have remained on the same level. This is mainly due to the fact that many countries now pay skin cancer prevention the attention it deserves. With early detection and treatment, long-term survival rates for malignant melanoma are excellent. With its Dermatoscopes, HEINE provides an essential tool in early detection. The HEINE DELTA 20 Plus sets a new standard and helps doctors to refine their diagnosis in order to save more lives: The possibility to work with polarised light now allows a better visualisation of the crystalline and vascular structures. Polarisation and immersion For the best diagnosis the examination method should be matched with the lesion. Therefore the contact plate can be exchanged and the lesion can be examined with polarisation (without liquids) or with immersion (with liquid). LED now in HEINE quality The HEINE mini 3000 LED Dermatoscope: The pocket dermatoscope for rounds with LED illumination. Twice as bright as the conventional XHL Xenon Halogen variant. Digital dermoscopic photography The HEINE SLR Photo Adaptor makes brilliant digital photos of high quality in dermoscopic and clinical photography possible.

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Dermatoscopes - 2

HEINE DELTA® 20 Plus Dermatoscope For dermatoscopic examination for early diagnosis of malignant melanoma. Also for the examination of non-melanocytic lesions, basal cell carcinoma and dermatofibroma. The skin surface refracts the light and partially reflects it. That’s why either an immersion liquid between the dermatoscope and the skin (for example dermatoscopy oil) or polarised light is needed to observe pigment cells or other structures in the deeper skin layers.  Immer sion High perform ance LEDs Immersion and polarisation. With different contact plates (contact plate N for immersion...

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Dermatoscopes - 3

HEINE DELTA® 20 Plus Dermatoscope Sets Set complete with: DELTA 20 Plus Dermatoscope contact plate for polarisation P 23 mm dia. with scale dermatoscopy compendium hard case DELTA 20 Plus P Sets for polarisation BETA battery handle BETA R rechargeable handle for mains socket BETA NT rechargeable handle with NT 300 charger BETA L rechargeable handle and NT 300 charger Set complete with: DELTA 20 Plus Dermatoscope contact plate for immersion N 23 mm dia. with scale 10 ml dermatoscopy oil dermatoscopy compendium hard case DELTA 20 Plus N Sets for immersion BETA battery handle BETA R...

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Dermatoscopes - 4

Dermatoscopes accessories Accessories for the DELTA 20 Plus Dermatoscope Contact plates for DELTA 20 Plus Polarisation (P) 23 mm dia. with scale [ 01 ] Polarisation (P) 23 mm dia. without scale [ 01 ] Immersion (N) 23 mm dia. with scale [ 02 ] Immersion (N) 23 mm dia. without scale [ 02 ] Small contact plate, 8 mm dia. [ 03 ] for the examination of inaccessible lesions Dermatoscopy oil Pack of 6 x 10 ml. It is applied to the external skin layers, making them transparent. SLR Photo adaptor for Dermatoscope / digital SLR camera, with optics. Wide Field of View, crisp image for Canon for Nikon...

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Dermatoscopes - 5

HEINE mini 3000® Dermatoscope A Dermatoscope in a handy pocket format co cket dermatos Moder n po construction Solid metal 10x magnific Modern pocket dermatoscope in a unique, compact design with high-quality optics, 10 x magnification with focusing optics, metal instrument head. Can be used with the mini 3000 handle system. Handle available in black and blue. Xenon Halogen bulbs. Concentrated, bright light for uniform illumination with exact colour rendering. 20,000 ON / OFF switch cycles guaranteed. High quality colour-neutral optic system with achromatic lenses provides distorsion-free...

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Dermatoscopes - 6

HEINE mini 3000® LED Dermatoscope with LED Illumination in HEINE Quality HQ Modern dermatoscope with maintenance-free LED illumination. Twice as bright as conventional Xenon Halogen dermatoscopes. All of the features of the mini 3000 Dermatoscope, with the addition of: Maintenance-free, no need to ever exchange the LED. LED Thermal management for a consistent light output throughout the whole working life. High-performance-LED: bright and absolutely homogeneous illumination with an excellent colour rendering – colour temperature 4000 K, colour rendering index > 95. 100 % more light compared...

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