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ExaminatonLights-2013 - 1

Examination Lights exceptionally Bright light for everyday use HEINE Examination Lights incorporate the latest in illumination technology: Flexible halogen examination lights with innovative bulb technology for exceptional brightness. The three different mounting options by wheeled stand, wall- or ­­ clamp-mounting provide ideal solutions for the daily practice environment.

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ExaminatonLights-2013 - 2

HEINE ® HL 5000 Examination Light Powerful Universal Halogen Light With an exceptionally-high light output of 140,000 lux at a distance of 30 cm the HL 5000 Examination Light is ideal for examining and recognizing small details. The flexible gooseneck construction provides a working radius of 120 cm. Three versions are available: wheeled stand, wall mounting, multi-purpose clamp. Long-lasting 12 V/50 W halogen bulb gives 140,000 Lux light output at 30 cm. Very bright, white light. Extremely compact illumination head. No obstruction of view, ease of handling. 3 different mounting options:...

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ExaminatonLights-2013 - 3

HEINE ® HL 1200 Examination Light Ultra-slim head. More freedom of movement and an unobstructed view for the examiner. Built-in temperature filter. Avoids patient discomfort. Exceeds all relevant quality standards. Guaranteed protection for the patient even if e. g. a bulb fails. “Stay-put” construction of flexible section. Adjust the light to virtually any position and it “stays-put”, will not sag or droop. Special non-tip wheeled stand. Resists tipping to improve safety in clinic and ­practice. Long-life 12 V/20 W lamp. 4000 hours bulb life. 90,000 Lux light output at 30 cm. Bright, white...

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ExaminatonLights-2013 - 4

Examination lights HKL Universal F.O. Examination Light HEINE ® HKL Universal Fiber Optic (F.O.) Examination Light The ideal light for any doctor’s practice. Provides light similar to daylight. Can be powered by any HEINE F.O. Projector. Adjustable Diaphragm Aperture. Wide range of spot sizes. Bright, even light. No temperature increase. ­ Colour temperature 3800 K. “Daylight” illumination. Long, flexible arm “stays put” where required. Very flexible to position with long-reach arm. Slimline head. Unobstructed view. Universal-mounting. Suits the practitioner’s needs. Can be retro-mounted to...

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