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HeadLights-2013 - 1

Bright - Homogeneous - Durable The HEINE headlights meet the highest quality standards. They provide a bright and homogeneous illuminated field. • • • • • • «a i HEINE 3S LED HeadLight and LED MicroLight with state-of-the art LED technology. • • • * * HEINE MD1000 F.O. optionally with Xenon or Halogen light source. HEINE 3SLED Headlight and the HEINE MD1000 F.O. can be combined with HEINE Binocular Loupes or the HEINE A-Cam Video Camera.

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HeadLights-2013 - 2

Loupes and headlights headlights Technical Data Type of Light Light Intensity (at 250 mm working distance) 100,000 Lux with Xenon Projector 35,000 Lux with HK 7000 Projector Colour Temperature (Kelvin) 6,000 K with Xenon Projector 3,300 K with HK 7000 Projector Spot Size (at 420 mm working distance) Power Sources / operating time mPack unplugged  5.5 hours 50 g with S-FRAME 165 g with Lightweight Headband 336 g 532 g with mPack Unplugged Light Intensity Control Adjustable Spot Size Optional Yellow Filter Expandable with HR and HRP Loupes Optional Video Version

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HeadLights-2013 - 3

Loupes and headlights LED microlight HEINE ® LED MicroLight Ultra-light, Universal Headlight Advanced LED Technology. White, homogenous light, ideal for all surgical and dental applications. Compact and lightweight. Ensures perfect comfort. Aluminium Housing: Compact and long lasting with advanced heat management. Waterproof design. Easy to clean. Individual adjustment of height and angle of view. 100 % coaxiality for shadow-free light. Homogenous illumination of the whole field of view. Approximately 81 mm i ­llumination field at 420 mm, approx. 95 mm at 520 mm ­ orking distance. w...

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HeadLights-2013 - 4

Loupes and headlights LED microlight HEINE ® mPack LL Power Source Portable power pack. Does not tie the user to desk, wall or static power supplies. Li-ion Technology. Triple capacity compared with current NiCd systems. No memory effect, autonomy for 17 hours. Fast Charge. Charges to full capacity in 2 hours. Charge Status Display. Always lets you know how much operating charge you have left. Stepless light intensity control. Optimum brightness setting prevents reflexes. Flexible Charging Options: EN 50 Desk and wall charger, or plug-in transformer. Intelligent. Can be used as mains power...

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HeadLights-2013 - 5

Loupes and headlights 3S LED Headlight HEINE ® 3S LED  HeadLight Ultra-bright 3S LED HeadLight for powerful, coaxial illumination 50,000 Lux of bright, white light. Stepless light intensity control. Optimal brightness setting prevents reflexes. Adjustable light spot size. Small diameter is ideal for ENT and Dental Applications. Flexibility. Mains or portable power supply. Integrated attachment option for HR / HRP Binocular Loupes and Prism optics for Video adaption. Viewing Angle adjustable over a wide range. Multi-coated glass optics for maximum brightness. Optional yellow filter reduces...

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HeadLights-2013 - 6

Loupes and headlights 3S LED Headlight HEINE ® 3S LED  HeadLight Ordering Information 3S LED HeadLight with Headband Professional L and Power Sources 3S LED HeadLight without power source [ 01 ] 3S LED HeadLight with plug-in transformer and headband-mounted brightness control [ 01 ] + [ 02 ] 3S LED HeadLight with mPack and plug-in transformer [ 01 ] + [ 03 ] 3S LED HeadLight with mPack UNPLUGGED and plug-in ­ransformer t UNPLUGGED [ 01 ] + [ 04 ] 3S LED HeadLight with wall mounted EN 50 UNPLUGGED charger and 2 x mPack UNPLUGGED [ 01 ] + [ 05 ] 3S LED HeadLight accessories Detachable Yellow...

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HeadLights-2013 - 7

Loupes and headlights 3S LED Headlight HEINE ® 3S LED HeadLight with HR / HRP Optics The 3S LED HeadLight is optionally supplied with HR / HRP Binocular Loupes incl. i-View l­oupe mount and with or without S-GUARD, if preferred. The binocular loupe is fully ­ djustable for every examiner and for every examination axis. a HEINE S-GUARD: Rapid and simple symmetric adjustment of binocular loupes with splash protection by protective lenses. HEINE i-View for 3S LED HeadLight: Provides any angle of view and flips up the optics independently of the illumination beam of the LED LoupeLight. 3S LED...

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HeadLights-2013 - 8

Loupes and headlights 3S LED Headlight Retrofitting Sets for HEINE ® 3S LED  HeadLight with HR / HRP Retrofitting Set incl. HR / HRP Binocular Loupes for 3S LED HeadLight The sets enable you to equip your existing 3S LED HeadLight with a binocular loupe. The set ­ ontains HR / HRP optics with i-View, S-GUARD splash protection and c cleaning fluid [ 01 ] with HR Binocular Loupe 2.5 x / 340 mm J-000.31.370 with HR Binocular Loupe 2.5 x / 420 mm J-000.31.371 with HRP Binocular Loupe 3.5 x / 420 mm J-000.31.372 with HRP Binocular Loupe 4 x / 340 mm J-000.31.373 with HRP Binocular Loupe...

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HeadLights-2013 - 9

Loupes and headlights 3S LED Headlight HEINE ® 3S LED HeadLight with A-Cam Video Camera Technical specifications A-Cam High-resolution A-Cam camera. CCD 470,000 Pixel, 460 lines. Image sensor. 1/2" CCD, color. Fully-integrated camera system. No external brackets or prisms. 100 % dustproof system. No maintenance required. Waterproof camera head. Can be placed in disinfectant solution (but cannot be autoclaved). Optics specially-developed. Maximum brightness. Focus adjustable for any working distance. From 250 to 800 mm. Automatic white balance. Automatic light metering at the center of the...

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HeadLights-2013 - 10

Loupes and headlights MD 1000 fiber optic (f.O.) headlight HEINE ® MD 1000 Fiber Optic (F.O.) Headlight Compact, high-tech optics for homogeneous, coaxial, exceptionally-bright ­illumination. Ultra-light, highly-flexible fiber optic cable with gown clips, length 3 m. Height and angle of illumination adjustable by a single control. Lightweight, flexible Headband Professional L: Adjustable for height and width with detachable soft leather forehead cushion. Adjustable light spot with sterilizable lever. Can be combined with HEINE HR and HRP Binocular Loupes for magnification from 2 x – 6 x....

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