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:- HEINE DELTA 20® LED Dermatoscope

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[ HEINE DELTA 20® LED DERMATOSCOPE ] Early recognition of Malignant Melanoma is becoming increasingly important in Dermatology. In Germany the annual increase in reported new cases is between 5 and 10 %. In those parts of the world with a fair-skinned population the incidence has almost doubled in the last 15 years. Early recognition and diagnosis is the key to improved healing rates. HEINE Optotechnik’s long experience as market leader in Dermatoscopy has enabled us to set a new standard for image quality with the HEINE DELTA 20® Dermatoscope. The DELTA 20 with 6-LED full-illumination or...

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Diagnosis. Documentation. Data Storage.

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HEINE DELTA 20® DERMATOSCOPE-SYSTEM Using an instrument of the highest quality is the best way to ensure the most accurate diagnosis. With high-resolution precision optics and an exclusive illumination system (patent pending), the DELTA 20 Dermatoscope is the ultimate tool in the examination of pigmented skin lesions and provides a significant diagnostic contribution in the early detection of Malignant Melanoma. The unique achromatic lens system reveals tiny variations in the pigment net and other features of lesions at 10x magnification as a highly-detailed, undistorted image....

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Photo Adaptor Adaptor cord Order Information DELTA 20 Dermatoscope 2.5 V LED 3.5 V LED with contact plate 23 mm dia. with scale and dermatoscopy compendium, without handle K-008.34.201 K-008.34.201 DELTA 20 Dermatoscopy Set Consisting of DELTA 20 Dermatoscope, contact plate 23 mm dia. with scale, 10 ml dermatoscopy oil, dermatoscopy compendium, hard case, complete with BETA battery handle K-256.10.118 same, with BETA R (wall plug) rechargeable handle same, with Li-ion rechargeable battery same, with BETA TR rechargeable handle with transformer same, with Li-ion rechargeable battery same,...

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HEINE SUBSIDIARY COMPANIES HEINE REPRESENTATIVES A company makes history and gives a name to outstanding product quality: HEINE. Founded in 1946, family owned, rich in tradition and today international market leader in a complete range of diagnostic instruments. HEINE products meet all international standards (ISO/CE) and represent the leading edge in precision and ergonomic design. Ongoing dedication to research and development has created a solid and diverse technology base for continued quality and product leadership. Over 500 employees worldwide contribute to this success.

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