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HEINE GAMMA®  Series - 1

:■ HEINE GAMMA® Series Shockproof and Latex-free Sphygmomanometers and Stethoscopes

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HEINE GAMMA®  Series - 2

Best in Class. Those who expect the highest diagnostic precision, choose the best quality. Shockproof. Double-walled housing. Three-point manometer mounting. Exceeds all relevant standards. GAMMA G Series AAMI SP9 NORM GAMMA G Series is built tough, incorporating an intricate shock-absorbing system that protects the manometer and produces instruments of unsurpassed durability. The HEINE GAMMA G Series is tested well above the European (EN1060) and US (SP9) standards. Double-walled housing with three-point manometer mounting “Single-Tube” design with exclusive pressure-distribution system...

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HEINE GAMMA®  Series - 3

The innovative HEINE “GAMMA G” Series latex-free sphygmomanometers sets a new standard in performance, quality and value. A functional and modern design, in combination with a high-quality precision manometer and durable construction, guarantee reliable performance over many years in any clinical environment. GAMMA G Series / Confirmation of clinical validation: The GAMMA G Series is clinically-validated under the European Union protocol on hypertension. The validation protocol for the GAMMA G range confirms the long-term accuracy of measurement of the systolic and diastolic bl

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HEINE GAMMA®  Series - 4

[ HEINE GAMMA® G5 ] The HEINE Standard Sphygmomanometer. The core of the GAMMA G5 is the quality and durability of the housing and spoon made of strong, impact-resistant 2-component thermoplastic. The integration of an intricate shock-absorbing system protects the manometer. The extra large insufflation bulb is comfortable to hold, enabling fast inflation of the cuff. :■ Latex-Free. :■ Shockproof. :■ Exclusive Pressure-Distribution System allows swift and precise readings and ensures a long manometer life. :■ Pressure-Proof Manometer: Ensures durability and reliability. Corrosion-free. :■...

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HEINE GAMMA®  Series - 5

Standard Instrument with Push-Button Valve. Equipped with an innovative, absolutely reliable and easy-to-operate push-button valve, the new GAMMA GP combines all the design and quality features of the tried and proven GAMMA G5. WITH ADULT CUFF WITH CHILD CUFF PRACTICE KIT WITH CHILD, ADULT AND SMALL ADULT CUFF WITH ADULT CUFF, WITHOUT ZIPPER POUCH, BOX OF 10 :■ Innovative Push-Button Valve. Fine and precise air-release rate adjustment, ultra-fast air-release, practically wear-free. Easy to operate by both left- and righthanded users. :■ 5 Year Warranty*. * against defects in design,...

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HEINE GAMMA®  Series - 6

M-000.09.615 Cuff for GAMMA XXL LF Infant 6 x 28 M-000.09.625 Mounting accessories and for Desk Mount parts for GAMMA XXL LF Cuff holder GAMMA XXL LF-T M-000.09.141 for Desk Mount Desk stand GAMMA XXL LF-T M-000.09.142 for rail, wall and wheeled stand Universal mounting plate GAMMA XXL LF-R / LF-W / LF-S M-000.09.306 Rail clamp GAMMA XXL LF-R M-000.09.307 Adjustable wheeled stand GAMMA XXL LF-S M-000.09.145

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HEINE GAMMA®  Series - 7

HEINE GAMMA® STETHOSCOPES > Solid chest piece and ideal weight avoid stray noise from manipulation and ensure excellent resonance. Hygienic matt chrome finish. :■ Chest piece with non-chill rims for the comfort of the patients. > Ergonomic, chrome-plated binaurals. Individually adjustable. :■ High-quality Y-piece tubing for perfect acoustics and sound reproduction. Length 56 cm. > Latex-free materials. [ HEINE GAMMA® 3.1 Pulse Stethoscope ] M-000.09.941 For fine acoustic performance. > Stethoscope with solid flat chest piece. The chest piece can be easily inserted under the sphygmomanometer...

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HEINE GAMMA®  Series - 8

I HEINE SUBSIDIARY COMPANIES I HEINE REPRESENTATIVES A company makes history and gives a name to outstanding product quality: HEINE. Founded in 1946, family owned, rich in tradition and today international market leader in a complete range of diagnostic instruments. HEINE products meet the relevant international standards (ISO/IEC) and represent the leading edge in precision and ergonomic design. Ongoing dedication to research and development has created a solid and diverse technology base for continued quality and product leadership. Over 500 employees worldwide contribute to this success....

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