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HEINE Master Catalogue 2015 - 2

© HEINE Optotechnik GmbH & Co. KG. Printed in Germany, 10.2014 All information, specifications and illustrations contained in this catalogue are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Errors and omissions excepted. HEINE Optotechnik GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to change specifications and design at any time without prior notice. This document must not be copied, reprinted or reproduced in any form, either wholly or in part without the written consent of HEINE Optotechnik GmbH & Co. KG. Please observe the General Terms and Conditions of HEINE...

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HEINE Master Catalogue 2015 - 3


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HEINE Master Catalogue 2015 - 4

HEINE BETA® 400 F.O. Otoscope The highest magnification for the best diagnosis. The BETA 400 F.O. Otoscope is the most advanced high quality otoscope making more details visible, while maintaining familiar handling and functionality. With a previously unmatched magnification factor of 4.2 x and multi-coated precision optics for sharp spatial images, it truly provides for the best diagnosis. Combined with a large field of view the ear canal and tympanum are clearly visible at a glance. The unique opening mechanism (patent pending) can be operated with one hand and flips up the optical...

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HEINE Master Catalogue 2015 - 5

HEINE | SIGMA® 250 INDIRECT OPHTHALMOSCOPE HEINE SIGMA® 250 Indirect Ophthalmoscope Accurate diagnosis made easy. The goal was to design an instrument that would provide the most precise examination with exceptional comfort. With a weight of 110 g and precision HEINE optics with LEDHQ illumination for crisp, high resolution images, the SIGMA 250 exceeds our initial goals. Endless flexibility and compact design: Available with the mPack lithium-ion battery pack, which provides 23 hours of continuous ON time at full power, with mobile or wall / table charging transformer. Integrated red-free...

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HEINE Master Catalogue 2015 - 6

HEINE NC 1 Dermatoscope Non-contact examination with unrivalled quality. The new NC 1 Dermatoscope is truly two instruments in one. It allows detailed, non-contact examination of the patient in a first screening, without unnecessary skin contact and disinfection. Should a skin lesion need to be examined more closely, a contact plate can be added, transforming the NC 1 into a contact Dermatoscope with increased magnification and a scale. High–resolution achromatic optics provides unmatched sharpness and resolution; LED HQ illumination offers true and natural colour rendering. The solid...

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HEINE Master Catalogue 2015 - 7

HEINE | LED LOUPELIGHT AND LED MICROLIGHT HEINE LED LoupeLight with HR 2.5 x Binocular Loupes The perfect match for the most accurate examination. The combination of light and loupe delivers the ultimate in performance as high quality illumination maximizes the image quality of the loupe. Featuring LED HQ illumination for homogeneous illumination with accurate colour rendering that fills the entire field of view from edge-to-edge, the LED LoupeLight is the perfect compliment to the 2.5 x magnification. All in all, a perfectly matched system with high quality components. HEINE LED MicroLight...

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HEINE Master Catalogue 2015 - 8

HEINE ML 4 LED HeadLight Compact, ergonomic design without compromises. Compact, ergonomic design without compromises. The new HEINE ML 4 LED Headlight combines illumination in LED HQ with optimum wearing comfort. It provides homogeneous illumination with an absolutely bright light spot that is uniform from edge-to-edge for the demanding tasks of a busy practice and the most accurate diagnosis in every examination situation. Individual adjustment options such as the adjustment of the viewing angle over a wide range and practical features such as the cable-free battery form a perfectly...

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HEINE Master Catalogue 2015 - 9

HEINE | ML 4 LED HEADLIGHT WITH DV 1 DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA HEINE ML 4 LED HeadLight with DV 1 Digital Video Camera for high-resolution images. High-resolution digital images of every examination. We make it happen with the new HEINE DV 1 Digital Video Camera and its smooth integration in the coaxial illumination of the ML 4 LED Headlight. Precision HEINE Optics guarantees that even the smallest details can be seen on the camera image. The compact camera is adjusted to the field of illumination in just a few seconds. Due to the light weight of the camera, the ML 4 LED HeadLight provides the...

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HEINE Master Catalogue 2015 - 10

HEINE | LED IN HEINE QUALITY – LED HQ LED in HEINE Quality – LEDHQ The new standard in LED Illumination. LED in HEINE Quality – 5 advantages that set a new standard in LED Illumination. With our many years of R & D experience in LED-Technologies, our engineers focused on 5 key elements in the development of new LED-Technologies. Every HEINE LED instrument must meet the requirements of each of these key elements to meet the HEINE Standard. LIGHT INTENSITY Light intensity is measured in Lux, at the defined working distance of the instrument. Each HEINE LED instrument has been engineered to...

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HEINE Master Catalogue 2015 - 11


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HEINE Master Catalogue 2015 - 12

QUALITY HAS A NAME HEINE HEINE Optotechnik, with corporate headquarters to the south of Munich, has been developing and producing top-quality diagnostic instruments since 1946. Healthcare professionals around the world consider HEINE the premier name for innovative design, performance, quality and ­ urability. Today, HEINE sets the standard by which all other d diagnostic instruments are measured. Still a family owned company, HEINE is now the world’s largest exporter of primary, hand-held ­ iagnostic instruments. d Engineering / Manufacturing Working in modern production facilities in...

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