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Indirect Ophthalmoscopes Optimum performance and quality Ophthalmic instruments from HEINE set a benchmark for optical quality and reliable diagnostic performance in eye examination. Absolute precision and image quality are the most important criteria in evaluation of ophthalmic instruments. This is why HEINE pays so much attention to the q ­ uality of all the components of an optical system, particularly the lenses, mirrors and lamps. The complete customisation and flexibility of the instrument also contributes to the quality and reliability of the diagnosis. For example, the synchronized convergence and parallax adjustment: It allows for high quality, stereoscopic fundus images and the best possible examination results through any pupil size, down to 1 mm.

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ophthalmic instruments indirect Ophthalmoscopes HEINE Indirect Ophthalmoscopes Convergence and Parallax Adjustment Synchronised Separate optional optional optional optional Versions LED-Illumination XHL-Illumination Headband S-FRAME Teaching mirror optional optional Brightness control On the Instrument On the power source Headband-mounted battery mPack UNPLUGGED mPack Mobile power supply ¨ ¨ Stationary power supply EN 50 Table- or / Wall Transformer Mains Transformer Page Synchronized Convergence and Parallax Adjustment System The advanced One-Step Small and Variable Pupil Control maximizes...

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ophthalmic instruments indirect Ophthalmoscopes HEINE OMEGA® 500 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope Quality with LED or XHL Xenon-Halogen Lamp illumination With its XHL Xenon-Halogen-Technology and perfect colour rendering, the OMEGA 500 has set the standard for reliability and performance. Unique “Synchronized Adjustment of Convergence and Parallax” for high quality, stereoscopic fundus images through any pupil size. Precise selection of the observation and illumination optics for small pupils down to 1.0 mm. Excellent optical performance due to the multi-coated illumination system. Exact...

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ophthalmic instruments indirect Ophthalmoscopes HEINE OMEGA® 500 Headband with unique features Articulating Hinge provides vertical adjustment of the rear band of the headband for individual placement. Secure and perfect fit for all shapes and sizes. Ergonomic design for optimal weight transfer across the surface of the entire headband (no pressure points). Softer, malleable material. Provides even and comfortable fit of the headband. ­ Calibrated Overband Position ensures optics are in true horizontal position for p ­ recise adjustment and alignment. Integrated cables in overband...

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ophthalmic instruments indirect Ophthalmoscopes HEINE OMEGA® 500 Kits XHL OMEGA 500 LED Conversion Kits. With these kits, a XHL illumination OMEGA 500 can be converted to LED illumination. Upgrade-Kits OMEGA 500 Upgrade-Kit OMEGA 500 with LED-module [ 01 ] and HC 50 L [ 02 ] LED-module for OMEGA 500 [ 01 ] OMEGA 500 Kits Recommended Product Order Configurations to ensure the most flexibility the OMEGA 500 / EN 50 System has to offer. The following kits include main system e ­ lements but no carrying cases or ancillary accessories. OMEGA 500 Kits XHL – 6 V Consists of OMEGA 500, HC 50 L...

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ophthalmic instruments indirect Ophthalmoscopes HEINE OMEGA® 500 UNPLUGGED with headband battery mPack UNPLUGGED 100 % freedom of movement – no cable connections! The OMEGA 500 Ophthalmoscope with mPack UNPLUGGED rechargeable battery ­ allows one-of-a-kind mobility without restriction or hindrance caused by cables, cords, or similar connections. Low weight Charge stat Rechargeable battery integrated on the headband. No interfering cable ­connections. Lightweight with balanced weight distribution. High level of comfort. Lightweight and ­compact. mPack Unplugged rechargeable battery. Charging...

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ophthalmic instruments indirect Ophthalmoscopes HEINE OMEGA® 200 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope Head-worn Indirect Ophthalmoscope with integrated teaching mirrors The instrument of choice for teaching and operating rooms. Integrated teaching mirrors left and right. Identical images for the examiner and two observers. Synchronized adjustment of illumination and observation beams. Instant a ­ djustment allows stereoscopic examination through pupils down to 1.2 mm in diameter. Separate fine-tuning of the illumination beam ± 4°. Ideal for difficult examinations (e. g. in the periphery)....

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ophthalmic instruments indirect Ophthalmoscopes HEINE Video OMEGA® 2C Binocular Indirect Video Ophthalmoscope The only Binocular Indirect Video Ophthalmoscope designed and developed entirely for video applications. Ideally suited for teaching, research, patient clarification, digital patient history and telemedicine. Fully integrated camera system. No external brackets or prisms. Compact. Lightweight camera design (65 g, camera head without cable, complete 250 g). Water-proof camera head. Can be placed in disinfectant solution (but cannot be autoclaved). ­ 100 % dustproof system. No...

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ophthalmic instruments indirect OphthalmoscopeS HEINE SIGMA® 150 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope Ophthalmoscope for spectacle and headband The Spectacle Indirect Ophthalmoscope for any pupil size. Two separate controls let you select the ideal setting for parallax and convergence to suit any pupil. The i­llumination beam can be adjusted by ± 3º to eliminate reflexes. 6 V / 5W XHL Xenon Halogen bulb. Bright, white light. Illumination beam adjustable ± 3°. Eliminates reflexes. Integrated red-free filter. Improves contrast. Versatile, fully-equipped. Detachable blue and yellow filters. For...

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ophthalmic instruments indirect Ophthalmoscopes SIGMA 150 with S-FRAME SIGMA 150 with S-FRAME SIGMA 150 S-FRAME Retaining Cord Cleaning Fluid Without Power Source SIGMA 150 M2 with S-FRAME and Micro Spot Aperture (instead of small aperture) SIGMA 150 M2 S-FRAME C-004.33.355 C-004.33.356 Retaining Cord Cleaning Fluid SIGMA 150 K on ergonomical headband with leather cushions, adjustable for circumference and height. Without headband rheostat. SIGMA 150 on Headband C-004.33.325 C-004.33.329 SIGMA 150 K M2 on ergonomical headband with leather cushions, adjustable for circumference and height....

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