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TIPS AND TRICKS TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEW LOUPELIGHT 2 Your HEINE LoupeLight 2 comes now with 2 cords. You can choose which one is best for your daily routine. OPTION 2: Thick Cord “SC2”: More resistant, robust connection cord. Thick. Light grey 1,5 m length, Ø 3,2 mm OPTION 1: Thin Cord “SC1”: High Quality Connection cord. Thin. Dark grey 1,5 m length, Ø 2,4 mm TIPS & TRICKS FOR PRACTICE Please be aware, that there are many different environmental and operational conditions such as cleaning and handling or storage, which are likely to influence the longevity of electrical cables. Treat your equipment carefully to ensure longevity: 1) Be careful, that your cord does not get caught on equipment, such as dental chairs … 2) Ensure that you put your mPack mini Power Source with the “head up” in your pocket. Wearing the mPack mini bottom down, the cord can not be ripped out of the plug in the battery pack, thus could lead to intensive stretching and bending which leads to breaking or intensive wear & tear. For proper handling, we recommend to always use the “mPack mini Belt Clip” that comes alo

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3) Use the cable holder to guide the cable directly along the frame of your glasses. (thick cable) (thin cable) 4) Always try to keep the cable close to your body or beneath your lab coat. The cable clip can help you to attach the cable as required. Also make sure to keep the cable as short as possible to avoid getting it caught on any equipment. Use the cable holder to coil up the cable. Simply roll it up 2 – 3 times as seen in the picture: 5) The insulation and sheathing materials of cables may degrade over time when exposed to heat, UV light, ozone, various chemicals (e. g. dental...

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