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NC2 - 1

QUALITY MADE IN GERMANY :■ HEINE® NC 2 Dermatoscope The all-round dermatoscope I would highly recommend this instrument to any GP. It allows me to narrow down the diagnosis of uncertain findings on the skin, like plantar warts, intradermal or subcutaneous foreign objects such as splinters of wood and glass, and scabies mites. I use it all the time. Dr. med. Timm Wiecken, specialist in general and emergency medicine, Herrsching, Germany

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NC2 - 2

The new HEINE NC 2 is a conventional dermatoscope with a scale and 10 x magnification. Simply remove the contact plate – and the NC 2 transforms into a non-contact dermatoscope with 6 x magnification. highly detailed image The correct distance from the object is set automatically when the contact plate is used (10 x magnification); integrated scale for realistic size approximation. ✔ fficient examination with E a large field of view 6 x magnification without the magnetically held contact plate. Fast and simple to operate with the accessories for Apple® iPhone® from Version 5s* and the NC 2...

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