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Sphygmomanometers and Stethoscopes Stethoscopes latex-free NEW ® NEW DESIGN HEINE GAMMA STETHOSCOPES Solid chest piece and ideal weight avoid stray noise from manipulation and ensure excellent resonance. Hygienic matt chrome finish. NUEVO Chest piece with non-chill rims for the comfort of the patients. NUEVO DISEÑO Ergonomic, chrome-plated binaurals. Individually adjustable. High-quality Y- piece tubing for perfect acoustics and sound reproduction. Length 56 cm. NUOVO Latex-free materials. NUOVO DESIGN NOUVEAU DESIGN NOUVEAU HEINE GAMMA For fine acoustic performance. Stethoscope with solid flat chest piece. The chest piece can be easily inserted under the sphygmomanometer cuff. High-quality membrane, 44 mm dia. Single-tube construction with excellent sound transmission. Includes ear olives (large / soft) for sound insulation. Optional available: Ear olives, (small / hard) (M-000.09.946). GAMMA 3.1 HEINE GAMMA® 3.2 Acoustic Stethoscope For excellent acoustic performance. Technical data as GAMMA 3.1, but with a double chest piece. Combined double chest piece with two different frequency ranges to choose from: A high-quality membrane on one side and a conical acoustic head on the other side. High-quality membrane, 44 mm diameter for excellent acoustic performance and sound transmission. Cone diameter 30mm. GAMMA 3.2 HEINE GAMMA® 3.3 Acoustic Stethoscope For the examination of children. Technical data as GAMMA 3.2. Reduced contact area of 31 mm makes GAMMA 3.3 ideal for examining children. GAMMA 3.3 HEINE GAMMA® C 3 Cardio Stethoscope Specially-developed for cardiology. Exceptional acoustic performance, particularly in the cardiac frequency range. Combined double chest-piece with two different frequency ranges. Instant selection of a double membrane on one side or a conical acoustic head on the other. High-performance double membrane, 45 mm diameter gives ideal sound transmission and perfect skin contact for exceptional sound reproduction. Two-in-one tube system for enhanced performance. Very supple, yet kink-resistant with exceptional acoustic reproduction. Includes ear olives (large / soft) and one pair of replacements (small / hard) for sound insulation. GAMMA C 3

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