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Actilino - Braille display and notetaker in one device


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Help Tech The home of Handy Tech Braille Displays ActilinoBraille display and notetaker in one device Actilino is the super-compact notetaker for blind users. Whether traveling by train or bus, cozy in the garden or concentrated at work. The 16 piezo ceramic Braille cells and the silent Braille keyboard make the Actilino your reliable everyday companion. Actilino displays information in Braille in real time, for tactile reading. Simply type your notes with Actilino and send it to your smartphone or PC. The built-in microphone and loudspeakers allow you to make calls with programs such as Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp when connected to your smartphone. The patented Active tactile control technology (ATC) allows using the device like the touchscreen of a tablet. ATC offers continuous reading. When reaching the end of the displayed text, it scrolls automatically to the next text position. ■ 16 concave piezoelectric braille elements ■ ATC: relaxed reading without pressing the Advance key ■ integrated practical functions such as editor, calculator, scheduler, and more ■ write, read and send messages via smartphone or PC ■ interactive connection via Bluetooth and USB with up to four devices at the same time ■ 16 GB of storage space on SD Card ■ battery life 30 hours plus

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The note taker Actilino is a complete note taking device. It provides a wide range of functions, like the easy-to-use editor, calculator, scheduler, timer or alarm clock. Actilino even includes interactive games and support for Musik-Braille literacy. Just switch on the Actilino and start writing. Without the need of additional software send your notes to your smartphone or PC with a simple key command. Nonstop reading Actilino has something for everyone. Whether you are just learning to read Braille or you are an avid reader. Enjoy reading a book cover to cover without ever pushing a...

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Your control center Actilino offers it all: Braille output, speech output, text input and PC control. With wireless Bluetooth connection, the integrated headphone and microphone will let you stay in touch with the world. Up to four devices can be connected simultaneously to the Actilino: up to three Bluetooth devices and one USB. Additionally Actilino offers Bluetooth Audio. Get your Screen reader voice from the Actilino via the build in loudspeakers or discreetly with headphones. The ultimate mini Braille display Actilino is both, a Braille display and note-taker in one device. Thanks to...

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III Help Tech Technical Data Input/Output ■ 16 concave piezoelectric Braille cells with cursor routing ■ 8 Braille keys ■ Active Tactile Control (ATC)-technology ■ Polyphonic sound chip ■ Mini loudspeaker Control/Navigation ■ 2 triple action keys Connections/Interfaces ■ 1 USB type A port (for keyboard) ■ 1 USB HID type C port (for PC or charger) ■ Wireless Bluetooth technology Memory ■ Memory 16 GB micro SD card Battery and voltage ■ Lithium-ion battery 3000 m Ah ■ Battery duration: approx. 30 hours ■ Quick charge circuitry: 3 hours Measurements and Weight ■ Measurements (W x D x H): 16.6...

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