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Horizontal Electrophoresis System - 1

Electroprophoresis & Blotting Series « HORIZONTAL ELECTROPHORESIS SYSTEM • Versatile with 3 tray options and extendable unit • Suitable for cloning and mini-prep analysis, restriction fragment restriction fragment analysis, sample prep or screening of high number of samples • Up to 21 0 samples (Classic) and 350 samples (Classic XL) • Multichannel pipette compatible combs ConcertoGEL Classic/ Classic Trio / Classic XL Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System are wide format system with 2-3 times sample capacity as ConcertoGEL Midi unit, primarily designed for routine and rapid horizontal gel electrophoresis and restriction fragment analysis with optimum versatility and flexibility. ConcertoGEL Classic is available with three gel tray options of 15 x 7 cm, 15 x 10 cm and 15 x 15 cm. Restriction fragment and close MW samples can be easily analysed with the 15 cm total run length, which permits sufficient band separation. It allows rapid gel resolution for up to 210 samples with maximized comb and tray options. Furthermore, the 10, 14, 16 or 28 multichannel pipette compatible combs prevent time-consuming loading of samples. Another model, ConcertoGEL Classic XL allows higher resolution separation of greater sample number from 96-well microplates and blocks over a longer distance with optional 15 x 20 cm and 15 x 25 cm gel trays together with four 28-sample combs. ConcertoGEL Classic Trio includes all 3 tray sizes for optimum versatility and economic of scale. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic purposes. All images are for illustration purpose only, actual products might differ from the pictures above. Subject to technical changes. Hercuvan Lab Systems Sdn Bhd T • +6 03 8025 1603 F • +6 03 8025 1637 E • info@hercuvan.com W* www.hercuvan.com Bhercuvan ffl hercuvan

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Horizontal Electrophoresis System - 2

Electroprophoresis & Blotting Series S HORIZONTAL ELECTROPHORESIS SYSTEM TECHNICAL DATA Specifications ConcertoGEL Classic / Classic Trio / Classic XL Max. Sample Capacity Tank dimension (W x D x H) Classic model 17.5 x 26.5 x 9 cm Classic XL model 17.5 x 41 x 9 cm Buffer volume 500 ml Classic model 15 x 7 cm 15 x 10 cm 15 x 15 cm Classic XL model 15 x 20 cm 15 x 25 cm 70 samples 140 samples 210 samples 280 samples 350 samples ORDERING INFORMATION Cat. No ConcertoGEL Classic / Classic Trio / Classic XL Horizontal Electrophoresis System EB-HES-CGCL7 CG Classic, 15x7cm: 1 UV tray, 2 combs (20...

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Horizontal Electrophoresis System - 3

Electroprophoresis & Blotting Series W HORIZONTAL ELECTROPHORESIS SYSTEM Combs for ConcertoGEL Classic / Classic Trio / Classic XL Sample Volume (5mm thick gel) Combs for ConcertoGEL Classic / Classic Trio / Classic XL Sample Volume (5mm thick gel) CGCL1-0.75 Comb for 1 sample, 1 marker, 0.75 mm thick 371 CGCL2-0.75 Comb for 2 samples, 2 markers, 0.75 mm thick 169 CGCL4-0.75 Comb for 4 samples, 3 markers, 0.75 mm thick 91 CGCL10-0.75 Comb for 10 samples, 0.75 mm thick 34 CGCL10MC-0.75 Comb for 10 samples, multichannel, 0.75 mm thick 22 CGCL12-0.75 Comb for 12 samples, 0.75 mm thick 30...

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